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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Product Review – Danner Desert TFX Boots

Combined, we have worn a lot of boots over the years from the mountains, woodlands, swamps and deserts of the United States to jungles of West Africa to the harsh desert conditions of the Middle East. Having said that, footwear is largely a personal choice with 8 different people recommending 8 different brands. Durability and suitability for the environment would be our first two criteria when selecting a boot. Comfort would be a close third.

If your Survival Plan calls for vacating your home or location and moving to a safe zone house, you may have to do much of the movement on foot. Having to start humping, either on the run from bandits or mobs, or just moving through the countryside trying to make it someplace safe, you need something that is going to hold up to the elements and in many cases that means keep your feet warm and dry. There is nothing like the wet or the cold to sap your will. Good footgear will eliminate or greatly reduce the possibility of your feet giving up before the rest of your body does.
Approved for use with the Army, the Danner Desert TFX Boot with Gore-Tex lining has a lightweight hard rubber that is surprisingly stable. The Gore-Tex lining is very comfortable. Danner advertises the insulation as 400G Thinsulate and we wore these boots recently for 4 hours in 23 degree temperature doing mild to moderate activity with great comfort and one of the guys had a previous cold weather injury to his feet making him a near expert in "what is cold".
There is no doubt that whatever your job is, having a good pair of well broken in boots for doing Survival tasks in, whether be just standing watch, running from mobs or humping through the brush is a must have. You could do no better than the Danner Desert TFX Boot with Gore-Tex, model 26010.