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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Peak Oil and the Coming Collapse

Peak Oil and the Coming Collapse from the SGT Report and reprinted on the Martenson report the audio interview below with researcher and author of ‘The Crash Course’ Chris Martenson.

Chris has been following economical trends for decades now and has been one of the early guys warning of the coming collapse. Chris makes the case for "peak oil" being a fact and that because of it, our lives are about to change forever as the days of cheap liquid fuel are nearly over. Chris also covers the coming collapse and the need to continue stacking physical material goods.

There is just so much of the economy and life centered around our oil products, from basic homes energy needs,..heating, cooking and basic electrical service, to the freedoms we enjoy being able to use vehicles for personal mobility. Vehicles and fuel are vital for commerce,...from food stuffs being delivered by tractor-trailer rigs to people getting to and from work each day.

Part 1: PEAK OIL: A Fact? Life As We Know It WILL Change

1 comment:

  1. Peak oil may be reached someday,but the "eco nazis" will try to force it sooner as a social leveling tool. The reserves of recoverable fossil fuels including low sulphur coal keep being removed from public hands, like the deposits in Utah put off limits in 96 by Clinton, ANWAR held hostage by the green groups, thermal depolemerization stopped by more greens, and the list continues to grow daily. The quest for power over others shifted from eastern europe to east coast chic about 25 years ago and has nothing to do with saving the planet, but everything to do with controling the population. I belive that most petro products could be replaced cheaply, Henrich Diesel created an internal combustion engine designed to burn peanut oil, but dead dinosaurs became cheaper, as a throw away product of refining, gasoline may be the hardest to replace, but technology might provide a solution. Conservation is a good thing, but like morality based legislation it is individualy acted upon, and dangerous to codify fairly.
    RANT OFF, forgive the soapbox but this topic annoys the dog squeeze out of me.