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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Urban Survival - USA FEMA Camps Controversy Is Still Around

I received three e-mails the past couple weeks on the notion of "FEMA Concentration Camps". Since in four months past, I did not get any comments or queries on these, I thought there may be some new information on the internet information or disinformation sites. While I did not spend a great deal of time looking into these, I did not find anything new, smoking gun,....nothing but old information.

What caused a stir on "FEMA Concentration Camps" was the initial attempt by Glenn Beck to de-bunk these camps. When Glenn Beck couldn't initially de-bunk these claims - that caused a stir,..."Oh My God, it must be true,..the Government is planning on putting us in concentration camps!!

Okay, lets hold on. Review the video below, showing one side, then go to the following websites, where Fox News, Glenn Beck and Popular Mechanics debunk the claim of FEMA planning and building camps to detain Americans in.

I do not believe the claim that there are detention camps being built for the explict purpose of detaining Americans. I know that FEMA has planned refugee camps in order to house Americans displaced from natural disasters ot other emergencies. Can these camps be used to forceably detain Americans? Of course they could be. Is there a nefarious government plan to incarcerate Americans for any reason? Probably so as the Government and especially the Military plans and develops Operational Plans for all contingencies. I would be surprised if the Government did not have a OPLAN on the books on how to deal with large groups of citizens disaffected by pandemics, nuclear strikes, large scale disasters and such.

However, is this plan specifically oriented towards detaining Americans under insurrection or martial law? I don't think so, but the distinction of what the reason is really doesn't matter as long as the plan, facilities and material are in place.

Anyway, I promised a couple readers to respond, but I wanted to thread the needle,....not inciting those who believe the worst about our Government, nor witness on the other side of the coin. Everybody needs to make up their own mind. And the bottom line is just how does this change the need or your individual plan on preparing for the coming collapse? Not much I guess.

Glenn Beck interview on Fox News on the FEMA Camps:

Other websites for both sides of the story:,2933,513024,00.html


  1. It was a clever use of clips to make it look like he was saying something he did not say. Not being able to debunk something does not mean the something is true/real. I have heard these stories going back to the late 80's and no one has ever proven any of it. Nothing, zip, nada!

  2. My own .02 worth on this is Never Ever underestimate Your Government or Man kinks greed or want of Power. I have learned that our government always has other reasons for doing things. Most times its not to help the people. Because we the people forget to keep constant watch and control over Our Government, is the reason we are where we are today. You can discount what you hear but keep in in the back of your mind. Sometimes all the pieces come together.