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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Dire Collapse Predictions for 2011

I was asked the other day what I trying to accomplish with stockpiling food, buying Survival equipment and material,and all the other little things I'm doing to prepare. My answer was "I wasn't accomplishing as much as I want". Not really the answer my questioner was anticipating, so they came back with "What exactly do you think is going to happen?". My answer to that was "I hope nothing will happen, but I do not want to get caught with my pants down." I continued with explaining that I was just preparing for bad times because too many indicators of a collapse were visible and a heavy list of people that I have listened to for years, as well as many other learned people, are saying get ready.

My questioner continued with "Who are these people and what are they saying, and why haven't I heard people on television saying get ready?". I replied "You have to pay attention, but my reply is how can you NOT have heard people like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Gonzalo Lira, Gerald Celente and the list goes on.

In fact I heard some of Gerald Celente 2011 predictions, can see all of them at his web site, Trends Research

Some of what Gerald Celente predicted,..this is my recollection of what he said or alluded to, but please go to his Trends Research to view them firsthand:

Gold will go up,...way up. Over $2,000 an ounce before the year is out.

Crime will increase as there will be more desperate people. As these people lose everything they will lose it (meaning I guess their sense of morality)....wouldn't you if you couldn't feed your family?

The Government will extract through executive order or through legislation more money from the tax payers to pay for their financial obligations.

Civil Liberties will decrease, as chaos increases and another Great (Greater) Depression nears. Celente mentioned something about the Government using Predator drones over Miami and Houston. Now I know Homeland Security uses them routinely on the border, but over in-land American Cities? I hope not. I think most of us are fearful of the U.S. Government using the military in a domestic law enforcement role.

Not to be left out, a couple of other people in the Fuel Industry are giving us some warnings as well:

Gasoline expert Fred Rozell predicts that 15 states -- including Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut and Rhode Island -- will see gasoline prices top $4 a gallon by Memorial Day. "A dollar more per gallon

John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil and author of "Why We Hate The Oil Companies," predicts Americans will pay $5 per gallon for gasoline by 2012. Other experts say that's a long shot.

Analyst and Trader Stephen Schork said "We can see it, but we could also see a global depression, too."

You can read the entire article at Yahoo! News.

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