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Friday, January 7, 2011

Urban Survival Firearms - Primary Survival Handguns received a question on handguns suitable for use as a primary Survival handgun. Jaime wrote….”I am in a group that is pretty squared away. We are following Rawles from survival blog (note: and read the book Patriots, probably several times each. Each of us in our Survival team bought M4 carbines and tactical gear in OD Green. We are now determining what uniforms to buy and most important what handgun. We have agreed that the handgun is going to be an H&K in .40 caliber S&W. My question is do you have any comments on the H&K handguns in generally, and what model would you pick as a primary handgun for a Survival Team?”

UrbanMan replies: Jaime, good for you using Rawles’ examples and guidance for Survival planning,…..equally good that you recognize that Survival is a team sport and you have organized a group. Commonality on equipment is a good idea. You didn’t ask about the uniforms, but I am inclined to comment on that. Durable field uniforms such as military fatigues in the MARPAT (US Marine pattern), Army ACU camouflage pattern and such, are a good idea, but also a good idea is to have durable clothing that you can wear and not give you the para-military look.

5.11 makes a great tactical pant in a solid color and in fact brown or tan jeans from Wrangler also are durable and will not make you standout as a para-military type group in siituations that would require blending in or not looking so "threatening". Like heading to the grocery store or other public places before there is a total collapse,..if in fact, that is what happens. Regular jeans do not have the pockets, we call them bells and whistles, like the 5.11 or the military fatigue pants have – one drawback.

As far as the H&K handgun is concerned. I prefer other brands, but if you are set on an H&K handgun I think the P2000 is the clear winner. Note the photograph above, from top to bottom: P2000SK, USP-C and P2000.

Other choices are the P2000SK which is slightly smaller in barrel length, grip length and magazine comparing a Glock 17 to a Glock 19. The older USP-C can be more easily found in a used configuration and all are good, durable guns. I just don’t like the ergometrics on the USP-C or the bigger USP, nor the trigger on any H&K.

The USP-C and P2000 uses the same magazine whereas the P2000SK uses a shorter magazine. USP-C and P2000 magazines will work in the P2000SK, just extend out alittle further, but P2000SK magazines will not lock in an USP-C or P2000.

Another advantage of the P2000 is that the grip is adjustable through a series of different sized backstraps. Plus I like the grip ergometrics of the P2000 much better than the USP-C.

Be aware that these handguns are more expensive than other models from different makers such as the Glock series of handguns or the Smith and Wesson M&P semi-automatics. Good luck.

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