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Friday, August 6, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - Another Economic Factor Indicating a Collapse

The "solar storms" emanuating from the planet Mars, or was it coming from Klingon space ships?, some people are yodeling about this week, is a much less threat to us than a likely economic collapse caused by giant debt at all levels of government. Look at what it did to Greece.

Municipalities are declaring bankruptcy attemting to change the impact of Union pensions which are bankrupting them. A recent report outlined the massive deficit in Union pensions in Oakland, Newark, Philadelphia and Chicago. Kinda of poetic justice since corrupt, or at least inept local governments at these locations have partered with the Unions for years for political contributions, voter registration drives and even voter intimidation campaigns.

Many locations are not only mandating un-paid furloughs for city, county and state workers, but some of these government workers are emergency providers. If you are reading this site you probably have come to the conclusions that your first line of crime prevention is yourself and your gun, but it is troubling that at all levels of government we are seeing a great financial crisis.

This could easily manifest itself into a major and/or long term recession or even a depression. Tax rates have to rise, as unemployment will. What will happen when tens of thousands of unemployed workers, especially in large urban centers, cannot be taken care of by the Government?

This is the basic scenario outlined in the series "American Apocalypse", and represents a very likely happening that will threaten our security and our survival.


  1. Stop with the peyote! I was with you unitl now.

  2. How does these cities going bankrupt plunge us into a collapse?