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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Survival Chronciles of Jim - Chapter 17

Last weekend I cached the Survival Equipment and Material that I was talking about in my last Chapter: 22 LR revolver; 200 rounds of .22 LR ammunition; Sharpening device for my knife and hachet; Pack of 8 “AA” rechargeable batteries; Package of 8 boxes of wooden matches; Small gun
cleaning kit; one pair of Green 5.11 pants; Extra t-shirt and Sweatshirt; two small emergency ponchos; and, the #10 can of Vegi-Max Heirloom from EarthWaveLiving.

I still had alittle room in my second PVC container, so I also dropped in a three pack of butane lighters and a one quart Army Canteen with canteen cup.

Makes me feel much better to have these caches in place. This new cache, which I am calling my August Cache, is at a different location than than the February Cache. Actually, I got a little lazy on this one and emplaced just over a little hill about 100 yards of the dirt road leading to my cabin, but it is still at a location that cannot be seen from the cabin in case the cabin is occupied by somebody when I Bug Out to here and have to retrieve the cache surreptitiously (that's mmeans in a sneaky manner).

I also received the case lots that I ordered of (6 #10 cans) of Chili Mac and Scrambled Eggs with Ham from EarthWaveLiving, as well as another #10 vaccumed packed can of Vegi-Max Hierloom Garden Seeds. Not counting other food I have, these EarthWaveLiving cases will provide me at least 60-75 days of meals just by themselves. This order is earmarked as my Urban Survival supply of food and is going to stay at the house (my Urban Survival location) with me to support the time I stay here after a collapse, and, combined with the canned goods in my pantry and stored rice and beans, I think I could last 4 months if I had too. If I add another survivor, like my son or Neomi, then those 4 months will be cut in half.

What a far distance I have traveled since late last year. I got to read read UrbanMan's last post on Hyper-Inflation just before he posted it and it is scary. I have quite a bit of money tied up into real estate, bonds and mutual funds. I am going to have to re-think where I keep that money and be prepared to move it once the indicators are slapping me in the face. The signs don't look good, but I still have hope that a economic disaster can be averted.

Reading Urban Man's posts on Intelligence for Survival situations, I have introduced myself to several previously un-met neighbors and wrote those people's names on my neighborhood map that I made using a National Geographic Topo mapping program. I gave some of my squash that I had grown away to an old couple and to an older women living alone, as an introduction and to start building rapport, to get rid of excess squash!. When I visited these people nothing gave me the indication that they were prepared for a collapse.

That's going to be a hard thing to control, and that is the need or want to help people who can't help themselves. There are also a group of four young college students in one rental house who seemed polite enough and maybe they would be an asset,....maybe not. The interesting thing is that the old retired couple have an above ground pool they keep filled for when their grandkids visit. It could be an emergency water source.

At one the corner houses leading up my dead end street, is another lady in her late 40's or early 50's who works for a bank. She has a old Chevy Suburban next to her car port. Thinking that it may make a better Bug Out Vehicle than my Toyota Rav 3, I asked her if it was for sale. She told me it was her ex-husband's re-building project and doesn't expect to hear from him again but isn't going to sell it as she has no title. So I took that as it doesn't run, but I was looking at with it's four good tires and thought at the right time I could roll into the street and create an barricade when needed. People coming down the street will now have to walk and my house is the last house.

So, I'll continue compiling an Intelligence picture of my neighborhood and the people. I'll make it a point to get to know all the people and their ideas, capabilities, etc. This is my first version of my situation map as UrbanMan calls it.

Lastly I looked at some AR type rifles at a gun store. Just not going to commit to one of those just yet,...hope I don't regret it. For now, my Walther .22 handgun, 12 gauge shotgun and Mosin-Nagant rifle are going to have to do.

You all be safe. And don't be insulted if I hope all this Survival prepping we are all doing is for naught.

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  1. This is one for Urban Man,

    I haven't seen this scenario posted on any blog yet: I was reading in the WSJ about increased drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan when I realized I may need to consider a defense/survival tactic regarding that. What if, under whatever scenario you can imagine, that became an aspect of the TEOTWAWKI?