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Monday, August 2, 2010

Urban Survival Operational Security - Reader Comments received the following comment under the Chris Martenson post,......"Anonymous said..... Interesting...If I were preparing for "the pending collapse," (looking through the eyes of the adversary) I would be targeting sites like this and finding out who the owners of such sites and map it out are (home addresses and such). That is how I would plan on "the pending collapse." The research would not take me long and cost little to nothing if at that. I know you cannot divulge allot of your survival information for evil doers with that mindset (they are out there), but I just thought I throw it out there for us readers who think the best of people."

UrbanMan Replies: I agree that developing information on prominent people who advertise Survival preparation, or some sort of Collapse preparedness, would be fairly easy to do. As far as targeting them (and them would include me) for their survival stocks would of course be possible, but people who would do this are 1 - committing a criminal act, and 2 – are cowards. Cowards would tend to seek easier targets. I guarantee you that me and mine are not easy targets. I fully expect to have at least four and maybe six people, who carry guns for a living, residing at my location just before and through a collapse. When I add family members who know how to use a weapons, then add my prepared neighbors into the mix, I have a great start for local security.

I know another group of shooters who just happen, not by design, to live in four houses adjacent to each other. They all carry guns for a living also. Each family are preppers and expect several people from their organization to rally there just before or after a collapse.

Many people, neighbors and others, know who these guys are, but I am sure they would be last people chosen to be hit for their Survival Gear, Equipment and Material….just too hard a target,…and refer back to my earlier paragraph criminals are cowards, and as desperate as they may be, will still choose to hit the easy targets.

Having said all of the above, your Operational Security (OPSEC) plans and practices must be developed to support controlling any information you do not want exposed. If you are going to be educating your friends and family on Survival Preparation you are going to be exposing critical information. You can still keep as much information covered as possible, much food you have stored, firearms and ammunition types and amounts, etc.

I think that most of us Survival planners have considered strap hangers and not only how we are going to deal with them, but if we incorporate them into your group how are we going to feed and supply them. This contingency has manifested itself into my Survival Preparations as in creased stocks of basic needs. I can handle additional people, but even then would be choosing the right people.

So in ending, I just did not know how to take your comment,…as a threat?,..or a warning?,..or just a tip? I going to consider it a reminder to consider OPSEC in all I do and ask readers to do likewise. Be careful when you private message other people on Survival forums as well.

Eyeryone stay safe. Stay ready.

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  1. Interesting. What if there were a mole amongst your select group? What then?