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Showing posts with label Chronically Ill and Death. Show all posts

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Societal Collapse - Part 2: Poverty, Chronically Ill and Death

Already got a PM on why I decided to post this DEMCAD fella videoing his thoughts on Societal Collapse. One of my reader's sent me the link and asked me to comment on this guy. So I decided to give this guy (DEMCAD) another audience and evaluate his comments.

DEMCAD continues on with Part II of the Collapse of Society. His posting on You Tube created alot of comments concerning the validity of the Government to control disaffected areas. Basically the only way to control a population, other than brute force - which would backfire, would be with incentives such as security, food and water.

His valid points this time are the cities will be a bad place to live - survive. That you would have to get out of the urban areas or other with hihg population densities and this requires a vehicle. This Bug Out would of course require a plan and the timing to execute that plan.

The topic of the spread of diseases is valid. This brings up the long discussed point of being able to deal with refugees in a safe and secure manner. Think about how you are going to handle groups, even large groups of people, who need help and may be sick. Children are going to be, in particular, hard to turn down.

He talks about walking out of a city. Possible,..... but not without planning and preparation,...and don't forget the timing, made possible by tracking your indicators.

Again he talks about people leaving the cities looking for resources and the necessity of having the ability to protect the resources you have.