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Monday, August 13, 2012

Question on 511 Tactical Pants

XSFC has left a new comment on your post Urban Survival Gear - 5.11 Tactical Pants: "Hey, I can't find the link for these specific pants. Not sure which one to choose. Do you have the exact link for this pair of jeans? I like that color and cut."  

UrbanMan's reply: Hey Combatives, click on this link below. In the article, I write about both the Tac-Lite (Tactical) and the TDU pants. 511's titles - not mine. But I think you are referring to the 511 Tactical Pants (Tac-Lite). On you click on the link below You should see a link for the Tac-Lite pants. These are also referred to as the pants made famous by the FBI. The Tactical duty Uniform (TDU) pants is significantly heavier, almost like Judo Gi pants. Anyway, this link should work for you. Again click on the "Tac-Lite Pants" or the "Tactical Pants".

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