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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Debate on Survival Threat Groups

Since I posted the article on Racist Skinheads being a possible threat to survival in a infrastrucuture collapse, particularly a security decayed collapse environment, I have several comments posted and e-mail received debating, if in fact,  racists skinheads are anything to worry about.

My point in posting articles on street gangs, racists skinheads and other groups of fringe, radical or criminal elements as threats to our survival is simply that 1 - they are anti-socially and criminally prediposed, and 2 - are organized.

Organization is a big deal. Our survival in a post collapse world, from a inflationary/hyper- inflationary period to a full out infrastructure collapse, largely hinges on our ability to leverage teamwork. I applaud all of you lone survivors out there who plan and think you are going to "head for the hills" and live out of a Bug Out Bag, but the greatest majority of us need teams to survive.

That organization, from planning, to stockpiling, to providing security, to re-locating (Bugging Out) all accomplished by leveraging the resources and skills available from a group will make the difference.

Organization after the collapse will be much harder to do. Enter these organized threat groups. They are organized. Have chains of command and group rules. Have no reluctance to commit barbaric acts to continue their lifestyle. They probably have some useable common skills within their groups like mechanics, welding, electrical work, etc.  But their base skill is violence and lack of regard for human life.

During the precious first few days or weeks of a really giant collapse,...meaning a collapse where law enforcement and emergency forces are either over whelmed or otherwise ineffective,....these threat groups will be immmediately working to control more resources. Robberies, murders, home invasions, military armory thefts, etc., will skyrocket.

So again, yes all of these criminal groups, from common street gangs, to Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs to Racist Skinheads are threats to our survival especially those who choose to or be forced to "Bug In' in urban areas and adjacent suburban areas. The counter measures are knowing these threats, being prepared for security threats and having a survival team.


  1. Survival threat group: THEM. If you are not one of US you are one of THEM. In a full blown collapse, SHTF, etc. 1 year after the event or events, if you are not one of our group, I either want you dead or part of my group.

    As far as the period building up to the 1 year mark, for anyone to have found US, they needed to either know where we are, been looking specifically for us, or gone way out of their way looking. So unless you are exceptionally well known and can be positively identified, you may be asked, nicely at first, to leave. Failure to do so, and crossing a certain threshold brings you under Texas (thank God I live in the Great State) Castle Law. Just saying.

    Great post, keep them coming!

  2. Gang members can't shoot worth a damn. Thank God for that and the FN-FAL. The rest will depend on Darwin's theories about who survives - the most adaptable, I presume.

  3. In regards to the above Anonymous post: You need to double check your accuracy of the statement "gang members can;t shoot worth a damn". The FBI has issued reports about gang infiltration in the armed services. They serve then go back to their gang, knowing full well how to shoot, move, attack, defend, etc. We are not talking about of no-account kids any more. The percentage of *known* gang members in the active service was better than 20% of all armed forces in 2011.

  4. Well that sucks. Good thing I'm a great sniper ((former Camp Perry competitor starting at age 13. I'm 55 now & compete in IPSC 3 gun matches.) Time to move to asymetric war with explosives. Home made remotely detonated claymores are a bitch, and I'm a devotee of security in layers. Think it will get that crazy? I'm prepared but hope it isn't necessary.

  5. Falcon15 is right about the gangs in the military. Fortunately the more elite unit trainers are sharp enough to spot most of them and exclude them from passing on to the the best training. Unfortunately the training given to the regular infantry and Marines is superior today to what it once was for urban tactics.

    P.S. My first time to comment on this blog, Falcon15, and I just hope as a fellow Texan that you did not post here through an account that can be traced to your actual name or address.