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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Request for Target Source

Ahmet sent us a request for a source of military targets: ”Hi, could you assist me finding information on the right suppliers of M4 Paper Target 10 Column, M240 and M249 Paper Targets, Half Body Paper Targets and Qualification Target? Thanks.”

UrbanMan replies: Ahmet, you may try Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., phone 1-888-489-7830, for some of these target needs.

Additionally, you can access a downloadable or printable pdf file of the M4 Zero target, here: 25 Meter M4 Zero Target

If any readers can assist Ahmet as well in finding what else he is looking for, please drop a line in the comment box.

One more thing Ahmet, The targets I use are just 8.5 x 11 inches white bond paper (standard printer paper) clipped, stapled, taped or glued to various scrap pieces of cardboard. If you place the white paper long axis up and down this represents the chest area on any human, obese or skinny for that matter. This is a huge cost savings if you shoot alot. And this becomes your standard for any weapon and any distances, sans zeroing and precision rifle use. I have also used 3x5 inch and 5x7 inch index cards, mostly for handgun use between distances of 3 to 15 yards. Another money saver. Scrap cardboard can be obtained practically anywhere.

cheers, be safe.

1 comment:

  1. Not sure how useful this will be. I also use standard printer paper for my targets. I use this website to create my own target patterns. ( what Ahmet is seeking, but thought Id share.

    I go to as well and download a pattern I like. Print one copy, go to office depot and print loads of them for cents on the dollar. Vs buying targets. It has helped lower range trip costs. Makes it fun too. I print 'cute' smiley faces that the wife enjoys shooting. She makes the smileys frown after putting a few .357's in them. (haha) Hope someone finds the links helpful!