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Sunday, November 13, 2011

More on Solo Survival

Prepper Website left a new comment on the post "Planning to Survive Alone",.......:When I think of someone going solo, I think of staying fast and mobile. I would think that the hope would be, in a SHTF situation, to stay low until some sort of normalcy came back to society, then join the living. I picture a heavily forested area with plenty of moving room and maybe several areas to hold up in...some caches along the way etc...."

UrbanMan's reply: Prepper, I agree - fast and mobile,.....or, stationary and hidden in a well stocked safe location. About anyone with decent survival training and a modicum of preparation can survive. I've done that in small increments for training. Ten days with nothing other than a fixed blade knife, 2 one quart Army canteens and one canteen cup, a small survival kit with snare wire, para cord, matches, button compass, a lightweight poncho and a map. It sucked. I lost about ten pounds. Learned much about isolation and being bored as well. And as stoic and tough as we think we may be, humans are not made for isolation.

I think the idea is to not only survive but live with some decent standard of living. The only way to do that is to have planned ahead, prepared well, and most likely be part of a larger survival group.

I'm not advocating some type of "survival commune" living, but planning and preparing with an alike minded group of individuals and families for mutual support.

Caches are always a good idea. To support the Bug Out plan, either at or near the safe location, or along the way supporting long range movements. I have written several posts on caches. And my student Jim (from Survival Chronicles of Jim) emplaced a couple near his family cabin which is his Bug Out location.

I hope not, but cannot help but think there are people out there thinking that if a severe enough collapse comes, they will survive on their own in a minimalist fashion.  Great to have those skills, but better yet to be prepare across the spectrum of needs and do so with a focused plan and a team.     


  1. "Surviving" this way is a last resort. However it may well be necessary for a few days or even weeks to get from a dangerous place to a safe place or to wait out a dangerous situation. In bad weather this technique becomes extremely dangerous as well as extremely uncomfortable.

  2. To be clear...I was responding to the post. I do not think anyone should go it alone. The reply was an "if" response. Just feeling a little insecure. LOLOLOLOL ;-)

  3. I myself agree surviving this way is a last resort.But it may become necessary under extreme conditions.Due to the collapse of our society and our government instructor. I,ve lived life under extreme conditions and not by choice. IT,S SHOWN ME that even the most prepare can collapse and be useless and a burden to others in extreme conditions of survival. It,s going to get really rough here shortly its coming our government will turn on the people to maintain its power and control to survive. enough said for now.

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