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Friday, September 2, 2011

Survival Chronicles of Jim - Chapter 25 Don't Lose Focus

This is Jim here. Long time since I sent Urban Man sometime to post. These last few months had me a funk. I had spent a lot of money and effort getting prepared, and not like I was hoping an event would happen, but I started to lose focus on why I was preparing until it became apparent, again, that the Government may just be driving this country into a financial Armageddon. Then I realized that basically what I am doing is giving myself some insurance.

A chance of survival in a post SHTF world. All my food preparations, firearms procurements, equipment acquisitions, silver bullion buys and even my recon and cache prep of the family cabin were the foundation of why I lost focus because I was actually moderately prepared for many terrible events, again which I hope not to experience, but there was some part of me that wanted it to happen. I had a phone conversation with Urbanman and he said I was an “asshole” for wanting the collapse to occur.

With the stock market on a roller coaster; Gold at $1,877 an ounce (this morning as I write this) representing a 21% increase PER YEAR since 2002; seemingly spontaneous riots in some of the major cities that are associated in some cases with racial tensions, but are really linked to the failing economy. Just too many reasons to be concerned.

From UrbanMan: Jim sent this to me last week. Today's Gold price was at $1,859.

One of my friends, a civil service computer guy with the Army, told me that the Government is downsizing Defense civil service jobs. We wondered what these displaced workers and the tens of thousands of service members separated from the military during the end of the war(s) obligatory downsizing will do to the economic outlook and especially the unemployment rate.

I hope most of you are NOT doing the same thing - starting to lose focus. Arguing with the wife about the $130 you spent this month to buy three silver bullion rounds or the bucket of Wise prepared meals; or, looking at your monetary expenditures on canned or dehydrated food and start to think it's a waste. Because it's not. And if you get to the point where you think you need to slow down on your preps you face the real time danger of quitting altogether, albeit much better off than you are now, but not totally prepared as you can be.

I am now looking for a second vehicle. Something like an 1970’s era Jeep or Pickup so I can buy some spare parts, tires and wheels for it and store it at my family cabin. I’ll be looking soon to emplace (cache) some of the prepared food buckets I bought through Costco.

I just planted some “winter” squash in my backyard. It is AMAZING how fast squash grow when you give it adequate water. I have been harvesting the cucumbers and other squash I planted in late April and being pretty creative in making dinners out of it. My son, visiting from College, even likes it.

I took some of my produce to the house on the corner where a old couple live. Now I’m friends with them and found out the lady has been canning for years and the Husband is an old Korean War Veteran, who owns an M1 Garand. In a week or two I will take him some a couple boxes of .30-06 ammunition. Urbanman also gave me a couple clips to give him. Since I am stuck in this neighborhood until I Bug Out, I thought I would work to build a team, first by building rapport. Urbanman calls it "the heart and minds things".

So after a couple of months of losing focus, I am back at more prepared than ever. I just now know that, in fact, there isn't anything such as being "fully prepared", it really is a continuous process. Don't be like me - I lost two months getting ready.


  1. I too am turned off by those who want the S to HTF (no offense to you because of your comment). I fear the coming collapse. I don't think our leaders are capable enough to get us through this and in fact I think that some of them are intentionally making the situation worse for political reasons. A collapse with our current batch of leaders could be a disaster of biblical proportions. Don't wait too long to complete your preps.

  2. Nobody should want SHTF to happen. We should all be praying it will be put off as long as possible, to allow us to keep improving our positions to survive it as well as possible. I do, however, think financial Armageddon is on the way. This is why I prep, not so I have to actually use those preps. I don't want to use my car insurance either. Only a fool doesn't prepare for the future to be less rosy than hoped for.

  3. I think I understand the phenomenon of "almost wanting it to happen." When you believe and prepare the way you have there has to be somewhat of a let down when it does not happen. After all, you were prepared and believed it would happen, but it didn't. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's not really like wanting it to happen.

    People have been predicting the collapse for quite a while now. Many people have made a lot of money off these doomsday scenarios. I can't help but ask if those that are preppers are like lemmings heading for the cliff or are they on to something.
    No offense meant to anyone who is prepping. It's a battle I have with myself: To prep or not to prep, that is the question.

  4. Whatever happened to Jim?

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