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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Remarks on FEMA Camps

Anonymous left a new comment on the older post entitled "USA FEMA Concentration Camp Controversy - Part I": "Ok, If the government were to imprison all the citizens, the country would crumble because the small businesses and consumer spending is what makes the country run, if you take that away, not only would the country cease to run, all materials the government would need to continue would not be produced, and all of the economics of the country would halt because the government would keep the spending, but the citizens of this country would be spending to somewhat equal it out so we would spiral into a black hole of debt, making us easy prey for others to take us over..."

UrbanMan Replies: I think the point is that the government would use the FEMA camps to imprison Americans,...maybe selected Americans,.....AFTER a collapse, after the businesses crumble, where it would be rationalized that Americans (maybe just some) need to be imprisoned to maintain order,...or perhaps in order to control disease and feed starving masses.

I am not a rabid anti-government conspiracy theorist, but I recognize the this may be become a possibility if the economy collapses, welfare checks stop coming and food is scare. The resultant chaos, especially in urban population centers may make it necessary for a "law and order - population control type approach" to handling masses or,...well, a large pissed off entitlement population.

I know the government well enough to understand that this is most probably being planned for at some level, outline of a plan,...what resources (read troops) would be necessary, and what the political fall out would be. I have been involved at various levels on operational plans,, not for population control but for lower level contingencies. This is simple contingency planning that all SHTF preppers should be doing anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Not that I really disagree on any particular point of either yourself or your commenter, I do have a little more faith in the problem solving abilities of corrupt governing bodies.

    Say we do all suddenly find ourselves in a camp of some sort…
    -If whomever we’ve elected to lead this Gestapo needs a product manufactured, they know where to get a large, cheap labor force.
    -If electronic or physical currency is needed or of any use for that matter, the banks and the stash under your mattress is all up for grabs, not to mention Fort Knox…

    Not that I suspect our current government capable of it, Nazi Germany did do all the legwork on the subject.

    My point being, for all the arguments about the electoral college, Government appointments and strategic re-drawing of district lines... This is still a government of citizens elected by citizens. If your spider sense is telling you that you could be shoved into a concentration camp, then follow your instincts and leave the country... soon!