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Monday, March 14, 2011

Survival Chronicles of Jim - Chapter 23 Evaluation of My Survival Preparations

I haven't written an article for for some time. Been too busy both with my contractor job with the government and my business, as well as contining to prep.

By far my biggest preparation is in the area of developing a source list of financial blogs, web sites, newsletters and such to keep on track of the, what I believe, it an impending economic collapse.

In fact, this past week I got pretty scared with the clamity in Japan, the news of Chinese inflation, oil prices rising as well as Gold and Silver, so concerned in fact that I went to Costco and bought a bunch more food. I think I have at least a years worth now for me and my son. Of course, I am expecting the straphangers (family and friends) that UrbanMan always warns us to expect.

Speaking of UrbanMan, I had him stop by my house to talk to me and look around so I could get an honest evaluation of my preps to date. This is what he told me:

Handgun, shotgun and Mosin-Nagant rifle are better than nothing, but I need a better long gun. UrbanMan recommended an SKS is I wanted to go cheap, or an M-4 or M-16 type rifle if I wanted to spend near $1000. When UrbanMan saw my ammo supply, he said "That's all?!,...that's all you have on hand?" I was advised to buy more .22 LR, 12 gauge and Mosin-Nagant ammunition.

I have a good supply of water. But I need to buy some 5 gallon plastic cans and store water in my garage or basement as well as continue the water delivery to maintain my purified drinking water supply.

I also have a big supply of food, but mostly pantry items. I was advised to buy some more cases of dehydrated food as well as some MainStay granola bars for emergency food when I can't cook or otherwise need something to eat during travel.

UrbanMan told me to pickup another good set of boots. He recommends a quality similar to the Danners he wears. He also told me to organize my hot weather and cold weather clothing better (I have them basically handing up in the closet. He recommended putting some in space saver bags then into military style kit bags or duffle bags,..which I don't have.

I am lacking in first aid supplies, so I am to procure more bandages, alchohol, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin ointment, sterile eyewash, self sticking ace wraps, as well as some common medications (asprin, cold meds and such). UrbanMan actually wrote out a list which I don't have in front of me at this moment.

I have been avidly buying silver. But since I can afford more, UrbanMan told me to buy more

The last things UrbanMan told me was to get my outside basement door replaced and with better locks as well as get a battery powered radio shack anti-intrusion device for it; buy a solar powered motion detector light for the part of the house; buy some more re-chargeable batteries; and, get ready to plant my spring garden.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. UrbanMan said "Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, time,....then get back to work prepping - he believes it only a short matter of time before the collapse as well.


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  2. Just wanted to say that I appreciate what you've written in the chronicles so far. It is interesting to hear of another's preparations over time and how they came together. I'm not all that prepared, but have plenty of skills and necessities to feel confident in my ability to survive for a while. I did want to mention that although you write about potentially having to travel on foot to your safe zone (cabin) with your bob, your never mention any physical training for such circumstances. Personally, I believe guns are great and all (believe me, I have plenty), but good physical fitness and an ability to hold your own without a weapon could be vital to survival. I am also a proponent of a good blade (sword) or an ax. Mainly because traveling on foot severely limits the weight you can carry, and ammo gets heavy fast, meaning you can only carry so much, especially when coupled with food, water, and other gear. When it comes down to it, those of us who work behind a computer and don't get a lot of exercise will be at a severe disadvantage when SHTF even if they have loads of preparations. Sorry for the long post, but fitness is key in my book. Along with skills and preparations I couldn't explain as well as you have.

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