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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Global Financial Instability

Ever heard of the saying “Rat’s leaving the Sinking Ship?”,….how about the thought that the last thing the ruling elite does before the Country collapses is to “Rob the Treasury?”

UrbanSurvivalSkills recently came across two articles that give life to these popular sayings. One article, from American Kabuki, outlines 320 resignations from world banks, investment houses and money funds.

American Kabuki has a long list of these resignations along with bitly links to the articles. I have listed just the U.S. based resignations since Feb 1, 2012, however that is not to say that foreign financial shenanigans do not affect the U.S. It is indeed a world economy and what other countries do and don’t do have a profound effect on our economy. This country would do well to develop our own fossil fuel energy resources to eliminate the security issue of being dependent upon other countries, as well as get back to an economy largely based on agriculture where we, as a country could again feed ourselves.

It should be noted that American Kabuki gives credit to Gabriel for tracking Insurance, Government and Healthcare Resignations. For anyone who wants to conduct their own research, I have included Kabuki's web addresses to the articles, although they are not hyperlinks.

U.S. Based Resignations

2/05/12 ( USA - NY) Morgan's investment banking chairman Joseph Perella quit

2/05/12 ( USA - NY) Morgan Stanley investment banking Tarek Abdel-Meguid quit

2/06/12 (USA NY) TD Ameritrade, head of retail distribution John Bunch resigns. Bunch is leaving to take the top job at a small investment advisory firm in Kansas City.

2/07/12 ( USA ) Bank Of America 's Mortgage Business Chief Barbara Desoer Retires

2/08/12 (USA OH) Cleveland International Fund (CIF) private equity fund, A. Eddy Zai launched and led the Cleveland International Fund, an investment outfit that pairs wealthy foreign investors hoping for U.S. residency with job-creating projects. Zai resigned from his job this week, before being indicted in a bank-fraud scheme that, according to investigators, contributed to the collapse of a credit union in Eastlake.

2/14/12 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs Jeffrey Moslow resigns, an investment banker to companies such as Tyco International Ltd, Nstar, the Boston-based utility, and defense contractor Dyncorp International Inc.

2/15/12 ( USA ) Boston Properties (REIT), Executive VP and COO E. Mitchell Norvilleto resigned.

2/16/12 (USA IL) Deerfield Capital Management LLC, CEO Daniel Hattori and CEO of CIFC Corp resigned.

2/16/12 (USA IL) Deerfield Capital Management LLC, COO Luke Knecht and CEO of CIFC Corp, resigned both positions.

2/17/12 (USA NY) Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein out as by summer

2/17/12 (USA NY) Harbinger Group Inc. CFO Francis T. McCarron has advised the Company of his resignation effective April 30

2/20/12 ( USA WA) First Financial Northwest Director Spencer Schneider Quits

2/22/12 ( USA NY) Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Group Chief Howard Wietschner to Retire

3/01/12 (USA FL) Florida Venture Forum [Venture Capital] Exec Dir Robin Lester quits

3/01/12 (USA NY) PineBridge Investments said Win Neuger has resigned as chief executive. Neuger helped build AIG's third party asset management business, PineBridge still manages AIG assets

3/01/12 (USA NH) Piscataqua Savings Bank CEO Jay Gibson retires

3/01/12 (USA OR) Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund (OPERF) senior RE officer Brad Child will retire

3/02/12 (USA NY) Deutsche Bank Student Loan CEOJohn Hupalo quits to start student loan counseling firm.

3/02/12 (USA NY) Citigroup Richard Parsons to step down as chairman

3/04/12 (USA NY) JP Morgan prop trading chief Mike Stewart quits

3/05/12 ( USA ) Reliance Bancshares chairman Patrick Gideon resigned

3/06/12 (USA PA) USA Technologies Inc Bradley M. Tirpak, a nominee of Shareholder Advocates for Value Enhancement,has resigned from its board subsequent to a settlement agreement with the investing group, according to an SEC filing. Provides a network of wireless non-cash transactions, associated financial/network services and energy management. It provides networked credit card and other non-cash systems in the vending, commercial laundry, hospitality and digital imaging industries.

3/07/12 ( USA ) BlackRock Emerging Markets Fund co-head Daniel Tubbs, has left the group to pursue other opportunities.

3/07/12 (USA CA) CALSTRS, Pascal Villiger, senior private equity portfolio manager at the $145 billion California State Teachers’ Retirement System resigns.

3/07/12 ( USA ) Astaire quits Bank of America Merrill to dance to Barclays Capital’s tune

3/08/12 (USA NY) Schroders, CIO Alan Brown is steps down

3/08/12 ( USA IL) CBOE Executive Patrick Fay Put on Leave Amid SEC Probe

3/08/12 ( USA NH & RI) Bristol County Savings Bank president E. Dennis Kelly retires after 35 years

3/09/12 ( USA ) Cerberus Capital Management LP, CEO Robert Nardelli resigns.

3/12/12 ( USA ) John Lewis Partnership Pension Trust, head of investments Andrew Chapman, resigns

3/12/12 (USA CA) California ’s Department of Financial Institutions, commissioner William Haraf resigned. The DFI did not say why he is leaving.

3/12/12 ( USA ) ICAP, CEO of the electronic broking business David Rutter step down following a restructuring of the business.

3/12/12 ( USA ) Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc, CEO Bryan Marsal Resigns Title, Remains on as Adviser

3/12/12 (USA IL) CME Group Inc, CEO Craig Donohues will step down at year end.

American Kabuki makes no claims under what circumstances these individuals have left their positions. However he, as well as I, find the timing of so many resignations extremely curious and a temporal marker in history of high significance. Kabuki cautions that no one should assume that any judgments about the character of these people. Again, it is just curious that so many world financial managers and leaders are leaving.

Another site we found was Shift Frequency built by a woman named Gillian Grannum.

Her point that the Cabal running the show (World Financial Markets) and screwing it up beyond belief, decided the time had come to destroy the American economy en route to their New World Order. She has two interesting articles on her site which I will link to here.

President Signs Law Placing Prior Restraint on Free Speech

Greg Smith’s Resignation Letter From Goldman Sucks er…Sachs