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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Prepared for THE Storm

Received this via e-mail: "Urbanman, first time I have wrote. I am currently sitting pretty close to the center line of Hurricane Sandy. I thought huricane's would be a thing of the past for me when i moved north from he Orlando, Florida area. I am a long time prepper but i had to change my game since the last major storm and the earthquake hit this area. Hurricane's are one thing but if this storm knocks out the utilities for a week or longer like it has the potential for I am prepared for bunkering in. I have food for at least six months, water for at least a month and firearms to protect my family and me if the lights stay off for more than 3 days, maybe four days which will create desperate hungry people. I live about 2 miles from known gang area. Tomorrow I will walk my neighborhood to see who is staying and to distribute five of the six Talk About radios I have. This will give me some eyes around my house and maybe start to develop my neighborhhood survival watch team or whatever you call it. Out. Jeff. "

UrbanMan comments: Jeff, I don't envy you sitting in the storm path, but it sounds like you are planning well. Hope the rains don't flood you out.  The latest projections are calling for power outages of 7-10 days.

You may want to consider a base station FRS radio to go with your hand held talk about radios. While a gas powered generator may not be a great asset for long range survival when fuel supplies are out, for short term natural disasters they may come in handy. I hope you have a good supply of batteries as well.

One thing you may want to do is establish a couple times a day where people you give the radios to will come up on the net and give a status. If the weather forces everyone in doors, this will mitigate the feeling of isolation and since you are providing the communications capability, this will further your credibility with your neighbors.

However, be prepared for questions about general preparation. Be prepared to provide other aid to these people, which will be a two edged sword because it will expose your preps and intentions to these people.

I would start wargaming what you are willing to and going to do if one of your neighbors comes up on the FRS radio net and say's they have criminals on their property trying to get into their house.

You may want to develop an alternate audible signal to generate an alarm such as vehicle horns, a length of wire and a switch from the vehicle in your drive way into the house would make this a viable way to send an alert. Stay safe and good luck sitting out the storm.