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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Urban Survival Firearms - More Comment on Survival Guns

Anonymous sent the following comment about Lever Guns vice Assault Rifles: ” Over the course of a few weeks I have read a number of posts here about weapons. I have most examples mentioned in my gun safes, yet as a non-threatening and effective "Urban Assault Rifle" my Henry in 44 mag combines a short range, hard hitting cartridge with adequate firepower, with a non-threatening appearance. I do not believe that you must prepare for combat when SHTF, You must (however) be prepared to move, defend you and yours and remain as stealthy as possible until you reach your safe location or button down your home. After that, out will come my M-14, AR and AK with all mags loaded and ready to go. For quick emergency situations I believe not having to carry multiple magazines with their attendant bulk could be an advantage in quick, quiet movement. TTFN.”

UrbanMan’s reply: While I am not usually walking or driving around with a M-4 carbine and assault vest in my backseat, I think I am prepared or as prepared as I am willing to be, protection wise, on a daily basis,....but that changes as the situation changes. As my routine, tasks or destinations change and as the situation changes, I re-assess and make the necessary changes in my preparation level.

At home my standard readiness is several loaded handguns and flashlights situated around the house and a double barreled 12 gauge shotgun near the bed. I have my M-4’s and other guns in the next room, in gun safes. In each gun safe are ammunition cans. In the case of the M-4 “ready can”, I have 600 rounds of ammunition and six empty 20 round P-Mags as well as a 30 round H&K steel magazine partially loaded with 10 rounds.

I have boxes of ammunition in the safe for each of the guns I have there, which incidentally include some lever guns – they just are neat guns aren’t they?

Changes I also make are my protocols based on where I am going, the current situation and just my general “spidy sense”. These protocols include communications and no-communications plan with the family and a few selective friends; it includes what other kit I am putting in my vehicle; the routes I take on routine and non-routine errands or general travel.

Recently I made a trip via vehicle that was about 700 miles each way. I rented a car and put two (empty) 2.5 gallon gas cans in the trunk and my siphon kit – just in case. I put my M-4 and a chest rig in a bag in the back seat with a 5.11 Rush 24 bag that is one of my Bug Out bags. I also carried a Glock 19 and eight 1 ounce silver rounds. I left a route plan with my family and e-mailed it to two friends. Cell phone was fully charged, as it would be for the return drive. I was leaving on a Thursday morning and coming back on a Sunday and I just wanted to be prepared in case any financial collapse, self –induced or caused by outside entities, occurring on the Friday which is a prime day for these events to happen.

If I got stranded and had to start moving on foot, I would call family and friends and establish contact times so I could turn my cell phone off and conserve battery time as I moved.

So I guess have a slightly different point of view. I don’t think I’m ultra paranoid it’s just from my experience which includes losing a couple of close friends to hostile fire. I think a small amount of planning and preparation goes along way. So I don’t phrase my preps as preparing for “combat”,……am I prepared for what I assess the situation requires and to the extent I am comfortable with.
And lever guns, or anything else that isn't magazine fed or of a sufficient caliber are not for the highest threat environments.