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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OPSEC Alert - Firearms Owner Identification and Targeting

It has come to me that U.S. based gangs have been conducting reconnaissance and surveillance on vehicles parked close to gun shops and gun ranges and marking these vehicles with subtle signs so that the gangs or surrogates can rapidly identify vehicles for burglaries or vehicle theft that may have guns or ammunition stored inside.

Another use is to identify vehicles parked at homes to alert home invaders that the occupants have guns, and to burglarize the home after that vehicle leaves as most people would probably put their weapons back inside the house after range time is complete.

Vehicles at gun shows are also be targeted. The gang bangers will mark the vehicles with a paint dot, chalk or a host of other changing signals to denote the vehicle being associated with gun shops/shows and gun ranges. Places on the vehicles that are known to be marked include bumpers, wheel wells, wheels and tires. Get in the habit of making daily checks on your vehicle.

In one known case, a vehicle and driver were followed from a gun shop. While the driver stopped at another store and went inside, the gang bangers broke into the vehicle and stole a weapons. So also be concerned with being followed from these locations, as well.

If you think you are being followed make a detour that no one else would make to the same destination, and once you get back on your route check to see if that same vehicle(s) are still following you. By the way, this detour is called a Surveillance Detection Route or SDR. It has to be a large enough detour or change of direction, without spooking the potential surveillance, to be able to detect possible surveillance.

You may have to drive to a safe spot such as a police station. A cell phone, which is now as universal and common as people having teeth, would come in handy if the best option for you was to call the police and alert them to someone targeting you.

The next logical step for gang bangers are to mark private vehicles in parking lots adjacent to or associated with law enforcement agencies to enable bangers to rapidly determine if that vehicle belonged to a law enforcement officer and hence an armed individual.

Be aware, be safe.