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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Survival Kits - Reader Question on Personal Survival Kits received this question on Survival Kits,....What do you consider are the necessities of personal survival gear items, and I'm talking about pocket sized kits in case you lose everything else? John L.

UrbanMan replies: I would consider the words "redundancy" and "a layered approach" when it comes to outfitting you and/or your survival group in all manner of kit. I am assuming that you are asking about wilderness survival items,....and I am assuming that you are talking about the minimum items you would carry on your person as opposed to what is in a Bug Out Bag or on your vest, harness or web gear. So here are my comments:

Even though my Bug Out Bags are well equipped, there are some redundant items I will carry in my pockets or otherwise on my body. In my opinion, the most essential items of personal survival kit are a lighter and a knife. An example of redundancy is that I carry a small sealed packet with a butane lighter, storm matches and fire starting material as well as always having a small fixed blade knife..and this is on my body not on my assault vest or anything else I would or could normally take off in the field. So I guess if you are asking for a minimum requirement, this is it for me.

But your question is a good one as I am know re-visiting the idea of also adding a small vacuum packed bag with a couple adhesive bandages, larger one time anti-biotic ointment, and military battlefield dressing.

Survival is also heavily influenced by being prepared, so my Bug Out Bags also have several fire making items as well as a (backup) folding tactical knife, which the most prolific model I own is the CKRT M16 folder.

If you are fully dressed, but absent any external kit, when you find yourself in a pure wilderness survival situation, then you may also have several items of survival kit already in your possession: shoelaces, socks, t-shirts, buttons, belt, thread from unraveled clothing,....

However, the idea is not to find yourself separated from your larger items of kit such as your Bug Out Bag, Assault Vest and weapons. I received another question about having members within a group carry different items so the group would be better prepared,...but what if you find yourself alone? Everyone must be able to stand alone.

Now as afar as those belt survival kits,...if you are always going to carry it, then fine, but anything the size that would make it worthwhile will probably get in the way of wearing an assault vest or even simple tasks like driving,....but it doesn't keep this kit whore from having several different survival kit which I'll never use.

The latest manufactured kit I have is in a small nylon camera case with the following items: water purification pills; water purification drinking straw; small butane lighter; strike all storm matches; tinder kit; Silva compass; small button compass; two small Photon lights - one red and one white; two one quart 3 mil zip lock bags; survival blanket; mini multi-plier tool, mini V cutter; razor blades; 50 yards of mono-filament line; 20 feet of 550 cord; 25 feet of snare wire; small magnifying glass; small signal mirror;.....hell I'm probably missing if you are going to always carry a small external kit, these items may be considered. Hope I answered your question well enough. Prepare well, Urban Man.