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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Survival Prep Questions - Switchblade Knifes and Raising Animals for Food

I thought I would use this spot to answer two questions that have been in my que for a couple weeks.

Larry, from New Orleans e-mailed me this question: ”Urbanman, I bought a Infidel switchblade made by Benchmade from a buddy of mine. This is one of the coolest knifes on the market and just wanted your opinion on it.”

UrbanMan replies: Larry, I have handled a Benchmade Infidel and did not like it for a survivalist knife. Maybe a pimp knife. I would not own any switchblade knife for many reasons…..1 – they are illegal in most locales and the Benchmade Infidel IS a restricted item – hope you bought it legally and hope you can get rid of it as legally; 2 – they are inherently weak because they use a spring with can weaken with age (and use or non-use); and 3 – they are also weak because the blade has to move to open hence not having the integral strength like a full tang knife or even liner lock type folders.  I suppose you bought it for last ditch, close personal defense – if so, consider that the blade design can/will snap or bend at the handle/blade connection if stabbing someone or something, or trying to leverage a cut on a tree limb. I think you would be much better off instead of spending the several hundred dollars that you undoubtedly spent on this type of knife, by buying several well made folders and/or small fixed blades, AND, sharpening equipment.

Anonymous e-mailed me this question: You talk about storing food and growing gardens but I have not seen any information on raising animals for a food supply. My husband and I raise rabbits. We sell them to local kids for fairs and FFA projects and other events, but we primarily raise them so when the crunch hits we’ll have a source of meat and barter. Rabbits are very high in protein and low in fats so they really are a good food source once you get over the harvesting your pet thing.”

UrbanMan replies: Rabbits. I have ate plenty of them over the years. Not necessary some I would order in a restaurant but that’s not the point, is it? Rabbit meat is a good source of protein but is not very high in carbs nor does it have all the essential amino acids like beef. None the less, roasted rabbit would sound (and smell) very good if you were hungry.

I have not talked much about raising animals such as rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep or even cattle because it is not something an urban or even suburban dweller would do. However, now that I think about it a couple rabbits, maybe 2-3 females and a male (buck) rabbit kept apart then used to breed when the coming economy and therefore food collapse happens would be a good idea. Not all urban survival preppers will want to do this. One thing they can do is locate retail or private supplies of animals and be prepared to immediately buy animals when the indicators for SHTF are aligned. The raising of rabbits or any other animals would require some facilities such as cages and stored feed. If you Survival Plan includes a Bug Out Plan (as it should!) then preparations for transport of these animals would be necessary.

There is a gent about ¼ mile from me who raises pygmy type goats. I have struck up several conversations with him (building rapport and winning the hearts and minds) and even took him a couple squash that I grew. He knows me as someone on the fence about make a decision to raise goats or not. I have some t-posts and hard wire fencing stored in my garage and my plan is to buy a couple goats to breed for meat if I can time it right based on the collapse indicators. I can always try and buy or barter for some later as well.

If your plan to raise rabbits works for you, then great. However, don’t let this food source be your only one. Good luck.