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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Social Breakdown - Societal Collapse

This is an article by Bob Rinear, titled "Social Breakdown", published in the International Forecaster. Rinear is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine and while this article is long, it is a good read,...even with my comments. So keep reading. I'll think you'll see how it pertains to not only the "whys" of the collapse but the threats that will be released during the economic collapse which will in turn collapse society as we know it.

Social Breakdown

Maybe I just didn’t pay attention to it when I was in high school, but we didn’t seem to need diversity training, and endless classes telling us how we’re supposed to view other people. I don’t remember grief counselors when one of our classmates jumped off the roof and killed himself. I know for a fact we didn’t have all this racial tension and “fat shaming” and all the rest of the 2014 Social bugaboos that we have now. The word “intolerant” was unheard of.

My personal social policies taken in today’s atmosphere; probably lands me in the column of being some form of a terrorist. I really don’t care if you don’t like black people. I don’t much care if you don’t like white Scottish Newsletter writers. I don’t care if you think I’m fat. I don’t care if you want to live in a neighborhood of like minded and like colored people.

But today, considering that the social engineers have been pushing for a homogenous, one size, one thought, one color fits all…if you have the slightest difference from what they consider the “norm” you’re a racist, homophobe, hater, terrorist. Thus they have to make the biggest shows out of someone that doesn’t toe their line. Chew a pop tart into the shape of a gun?? You’re expelled and placed under Psych care. Don’t approve of gay marriage? You’re forced out of your job, your name in the paper as a hater who gives money to anti gay groups. Say in private that you don’t like your girlfriend bringing black people to basketball games, and you’re headline news…24/7…and forced out of your position.

Hey, lets talk. Let’s cut the crap for a few minutes and as they say in the “hood” lets keep it real. People are “fulla crap”. The same preacher that on Sunday morning screams of you burning in hell for being gay, just happens to get busted for child porn. That upright political candidate that kisses babies and shakes your hand gets busted for tax evasion, larceny, insider trading. That woman leading the “family power” workshop, gets caught cheating with her spa manager. On and on it goes. Hypocrites. Liars. Cheats. Nasty people. Bullies. Criminals. You can dress it up like a Thanksgiving Turkey, smother it in gravy to hide it, but it’s still there. All the classes, all the political correctness, all the “goody-goody” talk is a cover up for the rot that continues to fester below the surface.

So what brings up this little rant today? Well, as you might guess I am not impressed by the untold millions that walk around all day with their face planted in their phones. They’re all so busy texting and “apping” and being so techno cool that they have become true social idiots. No one talks to each other any more. If you go to a local pub, half the youngsters are all sitting at a table that is dead quiet as they’re buried in their phones. And one of those “aps” has been making a real mess of things. Enter Yik-yak.

Yik Yak is a smart phone application that lets anyone post anything they want in message form, and here’s the cinch…there’s NO identification. You don’t need a user name or anything else. You are completely anonymous. Well as you can imagine, when it swept through a High school recently, the REAL feelings of people were everywhere to be seen. People being called fat, people called sluts, people called the dreaded “n” word. (yawn) people called worthless, hope they were dead, who gives good sex, who’s a loser, yada yada yada. Yep, a bunch of our sweet little environmentally aware, non hater, upright diversity trained, precious children just “going off”. They had the freedom to say what they really feel because there’s no way to trace them. And “say” they certainly did.

This is reality. This is how people really are. When given the chance to go off with no ramifications, a huge percentage do. What does that tell us? It tells us that just about everyone has opinions that differ. It tells us that all this sensitivity training is a patch for a deeper underlying problem. And just what is that problem anyway? Or better yet, is it a problem? If it is, where did it come from? Could it be all this social engineering we’ve been exposed to is actually backfiring? You bet it could…because it is.

Stick with me here folks. I understand that I’m wandering off into a bit of pshyco babble on you. But there’s a point, you’ll see. I just want to set the stage here. There has always been “haters”. There’s always been homophobes, nasty people, opinionated bigots, cheaters, liars, whores, pimps, fat people, Rich jerks, nerds, rednecks, the whole gambit. So why are things “worse” now in 2014 after all these years of good-goody social engineering, than in 1970 when one of the most popular shows was “all in the family” with “Archie Bunker?” A show like that today would land the producer in jail. In 1970 it was something to laugh at. Expose our differences, see how goofy they were, try and mend some of them and move on. But today, no. Today you can’t talk about it. You can’t humor it out. You can’t just leave it alone and let it hide. Nope, you have to drag everyone into it. Force it. And the results? Escalating madness. Lack of civility. Rudeness. But most of all… violence. All the icky stuff bubbles to the surface.

As you might know, I’m involved in a company that trains folks for their concealed carry permits. We also offer a wide range of self defense classes on proper use of firearms for self protection. From the person that’s never held a weapon before, to tactical response SWAT training, we teach it all. And, just what do we see? As you can imagine, we hear a lot of stories. When we ask folks why they are interested in obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon, it is rarely just about “being robbed” like it was many years ago. Now the big concern is “violence”. Too many people have seen too many instances of wicked violence that endangered them or their loved ones. They’re scared and rightfully so.

Road rage. The “knockout game”. The tough guy looking for a fight. The rape attempts. Car Jackings. Random shootings. The list is endless. For all the social engineering to make us a big happy family, the fact is we are creating more violent people than we ever did. That in itself is more than enough reason for you and your loved one’s to be trained on proper firearm use.

But you’ve all waited long enough for “the point” to this whole article. That point is that violence is escalating despite all the social engineering to make us all “happy”, and this is with the economy still functioning. What happens when things really get tough? Last week in Chicago 44 people were shot. However the EBT cards were still functioning. What happens if they didn’t? If we can see the levels of evil we are seeing when things are still “working” so to speak, what unspeakable evils will we see during a melt down?

Last week in the IF there was a wonderful article about the amount of ammunition that Uncle Sam has been buying. Every Federal agency, right down to the post office has been buying hundreds of thousands if not millions of rounds of very lethal ammo. Why is this? I have always believed as the author has, that they feel there could be serious societal breakdowns when the wheels come off our fake economy and they’re stocking up for the eventual shoot outs that very well will occur. I think they know that the economy is doomed, the currency situation is doomed and when it fails, if things don’t go well on the work around, all manner of hell is going to break loose. They’re buying up these billions of rounds of ammo…to shoot US citizens if society breaks down. Read that over a few times to get the full effect. It isn’t pretty.

I don’t say this stuff to scare you, that certainly isn’t my goal. I say this stuff to wake you up. Shake you up a bit. When some lunatic high on bath salts drags you out of your car and starts trying to eat your flesh as happened in Miami last year, it seems other worldly, like that is just too bizarre! So, it makes the news. It makes the late night comedy circuit. But the road rage guy that drags your son out of his car and beats him into a coma because he pulled out in front of him, ( as happened here in Sarasota) is quickly stifled. Why? Because unfortunately things like that are the norm today. They don’t want that on the news. The other thing they don’t want to tell you, is that base line fact that the head of the NRA stated after the Sandy Hook situation. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. But I think it is more than that. The only way to stop some cracked up lunatic with a tire iron, is indeed a gun. The only way to stop the rapist with a knife is a gun. The only way to stop the home invasion is…with a gun.

Look across the pond folks. Don’t just watch a few news clips, go on line and watch some real video’s from people that live in Ukraine. Mobs cutting off a mans leg, burning people alive, beating someone to death with a metal bar. It can’t happen here right? That’s what you want to believe, what we all hope. But look at the yik-yak posts. Look at our inner city violence. Look at the hostility. We are not immune. We’re one banking holiday away from the same thing. We’re one failure of the EBT system from the same thing.

Look folks, here’s the bottom line. I’m not talking about acting like Rambo with a knife in your teeth swinging through trees on a vine, with a 50 caliber strapped to your back. That isn’t my goal. But I do want you to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones. It starts with home protection, then a carry permit if you live in a state where that’s possible. Then onto some advanced training on how to properly use that tool. Even if we never see the true melt down that I do think is ultimately coming, just this incredibly violent society we live in dictates that you really should be proficient at personal protection.

I’m going to expand on this theme for Sunday. I don’t care if you’re the most gun hating pacifist that ever was… please read it. If just one of the things I happen to mention helps you or your spouse survive a bad time, I’ve hit the proverbial home run. A few years back, just after the Colorado Incident I ran a few articles about weapons and self defense training. It inspired quite a few people to write in and tell me they had finally “done what they wanted to do but never got around to….” And that was great. They went out, bought their first weapon, went to a good range and got some safety training and target training. Bravo! Congrats! One couple; Beverly and Dan, actually got so into the shooting sport they’ve become members of a target team in Texas. Pretty amazing, considering neither had previously fired a weapon in their lives.

While I love the shooting sports, whether target, clays, timed, etc…what is most important for me to express to all of you is the personal safety and defense side of things. What good does it do, to amass a small fortune in the markets or in business, only to have your life shattered by violence? So, we’ll be stressing the protection side of the equation. I think you’ll find it interesting.

UrbanMan Comments: I recently had an experience like Bob mentioned above. I worked with a older, married couple, 72 and 66 years old, respectively. Not your average senior citizen. They participate in walks, hikes and swimming, and appeared to be in good shape and health, but neither one had shot a gun more than twice in their life.   They asked me to help select a couple guns for them.  I picked out a S&W M&P in 9x19, a used Taurus .38 Spl revolver, and a 12 gauge Savage-Stevens pump shotgun. Before I get hate mail on these selections - this couple are on social security and a little savings. Back on point,....I gave them three separate 3 hour blocks of instruction at the range, culminating using cover and fighting as a two person team. I started them on a .22 LR Ruger Mark II to work out the fundamentals then they shot their new gun purchases.  Over three days they each shot all the firearms expending over 600 rounds of 9mm, 200 rounds of 38 Spl and 50 rounds of mixed Buckshot and Slug. I have since been told that they plan on buying a .22 LR rifle, stocking more ammunition and shooting more rifles at a local gun club to see what center fire rifle may work for them. They also adopted a mixed breed, medium sized dog for security purposes and are also planning on stocking pantry food,....just in case.  What drove them to this point in the evening of their lives?   Well, that would have to be fear and concern over what is likely to happen to this country in the near future.  Even if a collapse isn't likely, it is certainly possible.