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Friday, March 7, 2014

Will Gun Registration and Confiscation Spark the Collapse?

Will Gun Registration and confiscation Spark the Collapse? Or is this just a symptom of larger problems? There is a lot in the news today and the past couple of weeks concerning the State of Connecticut's efforts to get their citizens to register guns (and magazines). We all know that registration is the necessary step to enable confiscation. What will you do if your state or the federal government requires registration? Latest article from below:

Think back to the day that the Boston Marathon bombers were found to be still in the city and martial law nearly took effect. The streets were empty, people were asked to remain indoors, and police took over the city streets with vehicles you typically only see in movies.

Now, imagine a whole state with thousands of gun owners who refuse to register their firearms and magazines even though the government is threatening them to do so. That is exactly the scenario we are looking at in the state of Connecticut.

In 2013, a law was passed that citizens of the state of Connecticut would have to register their modern sporting rifles and high-capacity magazines. For example, an AR-15 with a 30 round magazine, not only would the firearm itself need to be registered, but also the magazine. The government estimated that there are somewhere in between 100,000-300,000 in the state of Connecticut with no way to prove so. However, only 50,000 have given into the government’s deadline of January 1, 2014 to have these firearms and accessories registered.

That leaves at a minimum 50,000 firearms unregistered at this time. That means that at least 50,000 citizens are facing Class D felony charges in the state at this time. These citizens have now begun receiving letters.

From the Journal Inquirer:
When state officials decided to accept some gun registrations and magazine declarations that arrived after a Jan. 4 deadline, they also had to deal with those applications that didn’t make the cut.

The state now holds signed and notarized letters saying those late applicants own rifles and magazines illegally.

But rather than turn that information over to prosecutors, state officials are giving the gun owners a chance to get rid of the weapons and magazines.

So far 106 rifle owners, and 108 residents with high-capacity magazines have received letters saying that they can destroy the guns and ammunition, sell them to a federally licensed gun dealer, move the items out of state, or make arrangements to turn them over to state or local police. Those who fail to do so could face serious criminal penalties.

So we’ve been called crazy, absurd, and I’m sure many other things for thinking that gun confiscation would ever happen in America, but IT IS HERE!

There is no sitting on the bench here. I stand with the citizens in Connecticut and will be at their defense if the time comes. Will you? END ARTICLE

So what will you do? Hard decision to make, to become a "criminal" or not. Best option may be just to move, some of the gun makers are doing. I hear Texas, Arizona, Montana, and Utah are open!

So what will the State of Connecticut do with perhaps over a hundred thousand defiant gun owners

Scary times.  I hope cooler heads prevail.