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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Survival Base Camp Medical Kit received the following comment: "Anonymous said....The $1000 "what would you buy thing" is a good idea for a post. I will work on a reply, but I have a question: Can you give me an idea for a Medical Kit, not a personal kit, but maybe a chest or foot locker. What would I need to provide medical care for a family if four and anticipating six more people arriving at my house. It would be great if you can do a post on this."

UrbanMan replies: The list below is the "base camp" medical kit I currently have on hand. It is stored in 30mm Ammunition cans, ready to open and use or transport to another location if I am bugging out or setting up a treatment site some place else. I am still missing some items which I have noted at the bottom.

Base Camp Medical Kit: Items on Hand

Syringes, 12 and 25 cc, 1 ½ inch, 10 each size

Needles, 18 gauge and 21 gauge, 20 each size

I.V. Starter Kit w/ Tourniquet, 7 each

Sodium Chloride 500ml IV Solution 4 each

2% Dextrose 500ml IV Solution 4 each

Irrigation Sterile Water 500ml, 1 each

Provodine Iodine Solution, 2 bottles

Hydrogen Pyroxide, 2 bottles

Alcohol, 2 bottles

Alcohol Preps, two boxes

Provodine Iodine Prep Pads, two boxes

Non - Powdered Surgical Gloves #9, one box

Pocket Mask w Gloves, 6 sets

Neosporin Packets, two boxes

Neosporin, tubes, 2 each

Hydrocortisone Cream, tube, one each

Ace Wrap Self Adherent 2"x 5 yds, 10 rolls

Bandages Adhesive, assorted sizes, two boxes

Cotton Gauze pads, package of 100, 4 packages

Gauze rolls, six rolls

Mole Skin, three packets

Medical Tape, 2 inch by 10 yards, 4 rolls

13mm 6-0 Monofil Nylon Suture, 2 packs

13mm 5-0 Monofil Nylon Suture, 2 packs

Skin Closure Strips, 2 boxes

Ammonia Inhalants, one box

Quick Clot, 25 gram packets, 4 packets

Aspirin, 325 mg, Large Bottle, one each

Ibuprofen, 200 mg, Large Bottle, one each

Penicillin, Inj solution, 25 ml bottle

Acetaminophen, 500 mg, Large Bottle, one each

Kwik-Cold Instant Cold Packs, 4 each

Hemostats, 2 each

Sphygometer, Blood Pressure Cuffs one set

Stethoscope, 2 each

Bandage Scissors, 2 pair

Flashlights, small exam, 2 each

Tweezers, two each

Thermometer, two each digital and two analog

Special Forces Medical Handbook

Items on my short list to procure:

Couple more IV bags, 500 ml or one liter each

Dramamine tablets, one packet

Benedryl Capsules, two packets

Tylenol, Cold and Flu Capsules

Another big bottle of Aspirin

Dental Tools,

Dental Cement

Asherman Chest Seal Bandages

Ophthalmic (Eye) Anti-biotic Cream and Bandages

Hope this helps you decide on what you want and need for your larger base medical kit. I have personal kits for each set of battle harnesses I have. Each of these personal sets have 2 each 25 gram Quik Clots, 2 each Battle dressing, 1 each tourniquet, adhesive bandage, self adhering Ace wrap, medical tape, and alcohol preps.