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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reader Question on Survival Group Networking

An reader wrote: "Urban Man, This site has got me going, I am like so many people, caught on my heals.

I live in a major city in the West (City and State deleted), do you know of any survival prep networks out here? I'm feeling very isolated and alone in these suburbs. I am not a home owner, but I have some bug out provisions (and will purchase a Henry AR-7)...My main concern is that I don't have a survival can I find partners?"

There are several survival forums where people are private messaging each other for survival networking and coordination. Some of the better survival forums are: NoBullShitSurvival Forum

However I would be very wary about linking with people you don't know. You have no idea about their morals, religious beliefs, etc. Maintain your Operational Security. Last thing you want to do is to advertise what you have and where you are located to people with evil intentions.

I think you're Survival Group is going to be mostly people you know prior to the collapse. Some of these people also know people you don't, so any planned Survival Group will grow. You need to be able to control that growth somewhat. You don't want a bunch of dickheads, losers, criminals or slackers as part of your group.

I would simply make a list of people you know, like and trust. Maybe you can also do an inventory on their skills and what they would bring to a Survival Group. I have spent over 30 years in various Government positions carrying a gun. Having said that I would much rather than a bunch of people un-skilled with firearms who I trust and could train, then a bunch of Special Operators with type A personalities who would be problems.

I would approach people on your list and just ask some simple questions to gauge their ability to comprehend the concept of preparedness and whether or not they'll think you are a nut.

There are a couple of government sites that recommend preparing such as which preaches preparedness.

You could tell people "Hey, I found this government site which advocates preparedness for natural disasters and such. After looking at it I realized I wasn't prepared at all? What about you? Have you thought about this?

People that you talk to and expose yourself as planning (at some level) for a disaster or collapse, may be the first ones showing up at your house if a collapse hits.

The AR-7 survival rifle is a good tool, but not nearly as accurate are other .22 LR long guns. I think everyone needs .22LR firearms in their survival battery, both handguns and long guns. But make no mistake about it .22LR firearms are pathetic for defense.

Some of the "non-gun" people I advise on Urban Survival prep now have at least a centerfire handgun and a 12 gauge shotgun, but defense is absolutely necessary.

Above all have a Bug Out plan. If there is no food in the stores, electricity goes out, riots in the streets, etc. where are you going to go? What are your routes? (plan for multiple routes - Pri, Alt, Contingency and Emergency); how are going to survive (food, water, shelter) when you get where you are going?

Lastly, buy some silver if you are able to. Whatever you can afford.

Hope this helps.