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Showing posts with label Riots coming to a location near you. Show all posts

Friday, December 10, 2010

Urban Survival Planning - More Riots and Scenarios

The United States isn't the only country to suffer a large economic downturn. Most of Europe, from Spain, to Grece, from France to England and Ireland are all facing huge problems stemming from inflation and uncontrolled government spending.

Students pissed off about a signifcant rise in university tuition costs in England attack Prince Charles in his car. Riots due to England's bail out support for worse off countries, looming inflation and high unemployment; French citizens mad as hell about an increase in the retirement age from 60 to 62; Greeks angry about a cut in their amazing liberal pay and benefits.

What do you think is going to happen in the United States, particulary the highy populated Urban areas and the high density populated suburban areas once there is no money for entitlements. And it's going to happen too. This government will either run out of money (bankruptcy) or the money/fiat currency will not be worth the paper it is printed on (infltation-hyper inflation)...and they sure are currently printing enough of it.

English Riots Commentary

France Riots

Greek Riots

Have you thought about what you are doing to do if your present location becomes engulfed in riots?

Nobody gets angrier than a mob of people who think they are owed something and are getting the shaft. Rarely is Mob vengence controlled or otherwise target their anger in a discriminate manner. Having several routes, based on PACE planning (primary, alternate, contingency and emergency) from your work site to your home, and from your home to your planned safe location.

Consider the likely areas for targeted mobs,....possibly banks, government buildings, college campus' and the like. Check your route for choke points where turning around or making a detour on the fly would be very limited.

Be assured, riots, in some form or fashion, are coming. At some point in time there were be a large group of have nots and nthey will be mad. Consider the sequel where Islamist decide to conduct terrorist operations in concert with riots, be they based on food shortages, bank holidays, stock market crash, martial law, or even God forbid, where the US Government declares a city, area or region in insurrection where the President can deploy the miliary with law enforcement powers. Not only it is possible it has happened before. Google "Bonus Army".

There is a good chance that if the riots are large enough the infrastructure (utilities and water) could go down and not be repaired in a timely manner or repaired at all.

Don't count on the police to put things in order. Most city's have a police to population ratio no better than one officer per 700 residents. Count on yourselves and your Survival Group. Be prepeared to bug in and defend yourself and/or withdrawal to your safe location.