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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Urban Survival Bug Out Bag Medical Kit

The Survival Bug Out Bag Medical Kit is necessarily a fairly small Medical Kit as it needed to fit inside a bug out bag. Items that should be included are, but not limited to, small, medium and large bandages for cuts, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, Betadine and alcohol pads for cleaning wounds and cuts, couple rolls of medical tape, self sticking ace wraps, disposable rubber gloves, CPR Mask (protective barrier to give CPR rescue breaths on a patient without body to body contact), bandage scissors, tourniquet, quick clot powder or bandage, Vaseline bandages for burns, eyes ointment and eye patch bandages, aspirin and/or Acetaminophen tablets, possibly some Ibuprofen (Motrin) tabs as well, any medications you may need, like allergy tabs or bee sting kits, tweezers (excellent for pulling thorns or cactus spines out of people).

When in a survival mode, you should treat even the smallest cut as the potential for infection is too great to take a risk in assuming that you are needing the kit since the current infrastructure including medical care have all but disintegrated.

A great idea would be to invest in some medical training as well. Such as a CPR course, local Red Cross or YMCA first aid course, as well as a good medical reference book on hand.

We prefer to make our own first aid kits and in fact have several kits, each of which complements each other. However if you are inclined to buy a ready made kit, a good buy would be the Elite First Aid M3 Medical Bag with Supplies, GI Style Issue and also buy two of the Adventure Medical Kits QuikClot Sport - 25 Grams that we are highlighting in the Amazon link below: