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Friday, August 13, 2010

Urban Survival Preparation - Reader Comment on Survival Food received the following comment on Urban Survival Planning – Long Shelf Life Food,...."Anonymous said,…..I have a mix or short, near and long term food stuffs...Costco has a 5 gal bucket of 275 services of freeze dried food for 85.00…...I have a few, and am adding more. In addition, a couple cases of new MRE's, 2 cases of mainstay 3600 cal rations, these are for BOB bags, etc...We also have rice/beans, and are adding to the mix with canned meats, tuna, etc...I can load the car in 60 minutes and be out of Dodge, with approx 3-6 months worth of supplies, depending on how we ration and how generous we feel to others...Not a lot of investment either..."

UrbanMan replies: Roger on your food prep. I think six months is a minimum level to shoot for. In colder climates I would advise at least nine months. I think the idea is to get you through, at least, to the beginning of a growing season. I would never be happy with just six to nine months of food, but it is a reasonable goal for people new to Survival Preparation.

The Costco deal is pretty good. I have not yet gone to Costco, but have a couple of buddies who have. MRE’s are great but expensive. The Mainstay Bars are the ticket for BOB’s. I bought six cases of the 3 day Mainstay Emergency Rations (food bars). There are ten (10) per case. At less than $70 per case you have 10 days worth of food and you can easily extend that to 15 days. I have four of the 3 day Mainstay bars (12 days worth of food) in each of my BOB’s. I also have vacuumed packed nuts, and rice/beef bullion packets in each BOB.

I already did a product review of the Mainstay bars, but to re-cap each daily serving provides the following: 1,200 calories, 9 grams of Protein, 138 grams of Carbohydrates, 69 grams of Fat and a good amount of vitamins based on the RDA.

I like the fact they are compact; come vacuumed packed; don’t weigh much; and, fit well for storage in ammunition cans. Plus they are perfect for BOB’s and situations where you can’t get a stove going to build a cooking fire becuse it is either impractical or un-wise given the security situation. Plus they are not like other granola type bars and do not emit an order than will attract unwanted pests.

Click here for the product review I did on the Mainstay bars.