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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Urban Survival - Reader Question on Fuel Cans

UrbanSurvivalSkills received the following question from Greg in Florida:

"Thanks for the post and link to the Special Forces manuals. I am going to order the Medical Handbook and the Special Forces Handbook. On a different subject: you recommended in an earlier article on not necessarily storing fuel, but at least having fuel cans in your garage so they are available to fill up when the situation indicated to. Aside from the fuel cans at Wal-Mart, what fuel cans do you recommend I have?" Greg in FL.

UrbanMan replies:

I like and use the excellent Scepter Fuel Cans manufactured in Canada and available from Brigade Quartermaster,, phone 1 (800) 663-7487.
I have carried diesel and gasoline in these cans for years, and using the Scepter threaded, screw on fuel can spout you have a drip fee system. The down side with these cans (actually heavy duty plastic) are that they are expensive at around $44 each.

Depending upon your Bug Out or Stay plans, a number of these on hand would be prudent. Remember to plan for safety also. If you need 34 gallons to make it from your Urban location to your safe location, then you may want to plan your fuel reserves based on your vehicle being empty or near empty,so you would need seven (7) fuel cans.