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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse, or, Police Shoot Zombie in Florida

Proof of Zombies. A Miami police officer shot and killed a naked homeless man found chewing on another man's face on an exit ramp of a major causeway, local media reported on Sunday. The incident occurred on Saturday when a woman flagged down a police officer after seeing two men fighting on a pedestrian walkway near downtown Miami. The Miami Herald reported the police officer approached the scene and saw a naked man gnawing on the of another man.

The officer called for the man to back away but he ignored the order and the policeman responded by shooting him once, the Herald said. The man continued his attack after being shot, leading the officer to fire several more shots, the Herald said, citing police sources. A Miami police spokesperson could not be immediately reached for comment. Several witnesses recounted details of the incident to local television stations. The man who was attacked was in intensive care on Sunday at a Miami hospital, the Herald reported.

Now here comes the good part. The guy eating the face off the homeless guy was shot several times, and only stopped after he received a bullet in the head. The homeless guy was taken to the morgue where it was determined he was not dead after all as he sat up and attack one of the Medical Examiner's staff, forcing one of the morgue technicans to stab the homeless man in the head with a pair of foreceps putting him down for good. Who say's Zombies are not real?.......Okay, okay, I made up this last part, but the actual face eating attack took place and the attacker took several bullets until he was put down for good.