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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 11

With the passing of the Health Care Bill, passing this nation towards Socialism and more Federal Government Controls and the case towards the Country heading towards Hyper-Inflation I thought this was a good time to take stock of where I am in my Urban Survival Preparation status, both in Survival Planning and procurement of Survival Gear and Equipment.

I have bought into the need to be prepared for a Survival Scenario be it a collapse of our economy, Hyper-Inflation, Collapse of our economy and infrastructure, Terrorist Attacks or whatever, the results may be the same: lack of security – increasing crime and maybe even roaming gangs; lack of utilities (no electrical power); lack of commodities (food, staples, common items, etc).

When this happens this is not the time to start getting prepared – you have to prepared first, both only with Survival gear and Equipment, a means to protect yourself, but also a Survival Plan.

I bought and now own guns for the first time in my life. A .22 pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun. May be minimal compared to some people fully outfitted with the latest Survival rifles and such, but the first rule in a gun fight is to have a gun.

I have prepare a Survival Bug Out. Procured enough Urban and Wildnerness Survival Gear and Equipment to outfit a Survival Bug Out Bag. I have planned for a Safe Location and multiple routes from my Urban location to this rural and remote location. I have actually rehearsed the route as well as try out navigating on foot which obvious is going to require much more practice.

I have emplaced caches, although with minimal items, near this Safe Location. I have read a friend (Neomi) and my son into this plan. I have somewhat prepared my vehicle for a trip – extra full up spare, camouflage items in case I have to sit it out or leave the vehicle someplace in the woods.

I have just ordered some radios, two for now, two more later. I bought the Motorola MR350 FRS/GMRS radios through the Urban Survival Store. I have read the book “One Second After”.

Now to take stock of what I need to do:

Buy some more food that can be stored for years. Will be buying a case a month from EarthWaveLiving and Honeyville Grain.

Need to start buying a little Silver bullion in the form of 1 ounce Silver rounds. Just a couple per month to start and see what I can afford. Need to start keeping $1000 cash with me or hidden in the house. I too believe that cash will only be good for the first few days of a collapse, then silver-gold may be accepted, then it’ll go to a straight barter society.

Need to order some lightweight sleeping bags, camping lanterns using AAA or AA batteries so my Energizer 12V re-charger will work with rechargeable batteries.

Need to look into bulk storage of stuff like rice, beans, sugar and salt.

Need to buy and read the book “Patriots” and download the book “Lights Out” from the web.

I also need to keep procuring a little bit of ammunition each month and think about buying a rifle also. My son is going to need his own set of Survival Firearms. Neomi will be bringing her own.

This is Jim, going back into Survival Preparation and Gear-Equipment procurement mode. Be Safe – Stay Prepared.