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Showing posts with label After Armageddon 9 of 9. Show all posts

Sunday, May 23, 2010

After Armageddon 9 of 9 - A History Channel Program and Lessons Leaned

The last chapter in the After Armageddon series shows Chris, his wife Ellen and son Casey still at their new Idaho home two years after the pandemic. Chris' infection from a cut gets worse and he dies.

After the initial pandemic dies out, people will be dying from disease hereforto treatable with modern medicine and anti-biotics. Not only will there not be much medicines available, if any at all, the people and infrastructutre that creates these medicines may be completely decimated. Survivors will have to be careful and make full use of natural anti-biotics and medicines.

The Web Master at is posting some information on natural anti-biotics and medicines.

The chapter continues 25 years later as Chris' son Casey is grown up and thinking back on the collapse.

The commentators correctly reflect that education and skills, after society settles from a collapse, would become much more practical. believes that this practical knowledge needs to start now. Do you know how to grow crops? Raise livestock? Can you handle firearms? Do you have firearms and ammunition, not to mention food stocks, tools, appropriate clothing and footwear and above all, a plan in case a collapse hits?

What would you do in a World without Law and Order? What would happen to you if you are forced to abandon not only your home, but your way of life, and, perceptions about and goals for your future? Where would you go? What would you be prepared to do? How would you survive?