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Thursday, May 20, 2010

After Armageddon 8 of 9 - A History Channel Program and Lessons Learned

Chapter 8 picks up with Chris and his family in a settlement influenced by religious fundamentalists.

Well into the fourth month of the pandemic, news from around the country is sporadic and then only through transient people and amateur radio (short wave and Ham radio operators).

The commentators make a good point of local communities having to control the food supply and most likely instituting some sort of work for food program. In the town Chris is at, the food supply is consolidated. The summary execution of food thieves gives Chris pause on staying here so he and his family leave for Idaho.

The show picks up 18 months later in Idaho where Chris and his family are integrated into a local community. The commentator makes another good point about small towns. If small towns are vacated during the pandemic they will be re-populated as these areas will draw people. The small towns will have to have a constant natural water supply and land to grow crops as the commercial food supply will have all but disappeared a year or so after the collapse.

Watch the video and think about how pre-crisis preparation may have made life more sustainable or comfortable.

Lessons learned or thought on this Chapter of After Armageddon:

Unless you plan on living on someone else's good will, you will need to stock food supplies such as dehydrated foods and bulk grains as well as have non-hybrid seeds to grow you own food. The time to learn to grow crops is not after a collapse.

You will need to know how to preserve foods through dehydrating and pickling/canning - and the supplies or equipment to do it. A great source for food, seeds, and preservation equipment is earthwaveliving whose link is on the left side of this site.

The commentators talk about the possibilities of local currencies cropping up for commerce. believes that once paper money value has run out (within possibly a couple days to a couple weeks after the collapse), then after the value of gold and silver runs it course, then, bartering for items will be the main type of exchange. Perhaps gold and silver will regain some value once communities are established, but we see no rebound on paper money until society as we know it is re-stored, if it is restored. The lesson learned is to have cash on hand for immediate needs, gold and silver for short-mid term exchange and make sure you have all the Survival Gear, Equipment and Material you need.

The final lesson learned for this Chapter is medical needs, specifically anti-biotics. As this Chapter ends, Chris is starting to get an infection in his hand from a cut. All cuts and injuries need to be immediately treated. You are most likely going to be able to store any decent amount of anti-biotics, or medications for that matter. This will suck bad if you require medications like a diabetic. By the way, adult onset diabetes, even insulin dependent diabetes is highly treatable and even reversible.

The expiration date on medicines will preclude their long term value even if you can stockpile these. An immediate collapse source would be livestock feed stores that stock penicillin for animals. A decent medical reference book would help you convert dosages for human needs. A partial long range solution is to know home remedies and medicinal plants. A good site would be:

Ensuring your health is, prior to the collapse, as good as it can be through a general healthy lifestyle,....physical activity, good nutrition and taking advanced nutritional supplementation would be a good idea to ensure you come enter into a collapse with the best possible health. A good site for health information and nutritional supplements is:

Be Ready; Plan well and Prepare now.