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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Survival Chronicles of Jim - Chapter 28 (Interviewing for a Survival Partner)

Things have slowed down for me. I'm taking much less software contracts and my home based healthcare business pretty much runs itself and provides the bulk of income so I have much more time now to enjoy life.

I've took a couple of vacations. An NFL game with my son. But as fulfilling as my business and personnel life has been, Survival Prepping has not been far from my mind.

I have had two women in my life these past six months. Each one lasted about 4 weeks before we went our separate ways. In between, I have met several other women but they didn't generate enough interest in me to ask them out.

I can't help but think that I'm interviewing for a survival partner as opposed to just trying to find a good woman who may make it for the long term.

The last woman I dated saw a couple of my guns and asked me why I had them. Now you know who I am, what I look like, and how I present myself. In a group of two people or a group of 100 people, I would be the last one you would pick out to be a survivalist, or a gun guy.

So I was really surprised at this woman's jump to a conclusion that I was a something like a potential school shooter or some right wing militia type. "That's not something (owning guns) that I like about you", was what she actually said. I should have ended it there, but I didn't.

It was over when I received my package from Silver Saver. When I opened it and looked at the silver rounds, she thought I was a coin collector. On retrospect, I should have said that I was an amateur collector, but NO!, I had to say it's not old coins it's new silver bullion in one ounce rounds.

She asked why I was buying those, so I said it's a little protection against a currency collapse. From the look on her face you would have thought I said I collected child pornography!

Most of my preps are in another city. I have moved temporarily to a larger city to pursue contracts and expand my businesses but, I do have a car load of stuff. About 18 food buckets, some gear bags full of necessary gear and more guns and ammunition she did not see. I imagine what she would have thought seeing that - not to mention the security lapse in having someone know about it all.

Anyway, I'm back to looking for dates, or as I think of it now, interviewing for a Survival Partner.

So on an equal footing with decent looks and boobs, I'm looking for someone who is outdoor oriented, not scared of guns, likes to cook and shares my moderate conservative political stance.

I may have to wait until I move again. The big city is starting to drain me. Even the off prime time traffic is bad - stop and go. I'd imagine it would be wall to wall cars if everybody thought they have to leave town.

I know you have taught me to select places off refugees routes. Locations that had no advantage to hungry people. And a temporary home that had escape routes. I intentionally banked on the big collapse not coming until I was finished here. But a recent report of the Chinese and Russians dropping the US dollar brought me back to thinking about moving back to a place that is more sustainable survival wise, plus near my son.

My son, God Bless Him, finished his bachelor’s degree in business and is now the second manager at a pretty nice restaurant. He actually told me, "Dad, if the collapse hits, I'm loading up my car with all those Number 10 cans of food, coffee and stuff from the restaurant!"

One of the first things I'll do when I move back is to get up to the old cabin and emplace a couple more caches. And like the Survival Cadre recommend, start building my survival team of trusted like minded people.

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