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Thursday, December 8, 2011

$1000 to Spend on Survival Firearms

Wally wrote UrbanSurvivalSkills with the following question: "If I had a $1000 and no more to buy a gun for survival what would you recommend?"

UrbanMan's reply: Wally, I would have to make some assumptions in answering question. I am assuming that you have no firearms of any type right now, and after spending your $1000, you would not, in the future, be buying any additional firearms. I limited my search to firearms advertised in the local, but national franchised, sporting goods store which give pretty good prices and this is how I came up with spending your $1000:

Handgun. Taurus, 9x19mm semi-automatic. $299

Shotgun. Stevens, 12 gauge pump riot shotgun. $199

Rifle. Marlin Model 336, .30-30 Winchester, lever action rifle. $379

total spent of Firearms, $873, leaving $123 left.

Then I would use the rest of the $1000 to buy the following:

Ammunition. One box (50 rds) of 9x19 $10.99; two boxes (40 rds) of .30-30 $26.98; one box (25 rds) of 12 gauge bird shot $14.99; and, four boxes (20 rds) of 12 gauge 00 buckshot $19.96

Cleaning Kit. One rifle-pistol combo cleaning kit $6.99, and one shotgun claning kit $6.99 for a total of $13.98 spent of cleaning kits.

Binoculars. Bushnell Compact 8 x 21 Binoculars $12.99

Knife. CRKT M16 tactical folder $16.99 (great price on this knife by the way).

By my math you would have about $6 left over.

If money is a difficult issue for you, each week, I would put away what I could each pay period or month that goes by,........a few bucks here and there to spend adding to my ammunition stockage and buying survival food across the spectrum of long storage term food, dehydrated foods and pantry items.

Another way to go in the Survival Firearms decision is to buy an AR for around $850 and put the rest of the money into ammunition and magazines.

I chose the three guns, ammunition and accessories that I did because a Survival Firearms battery needs to fulfill many requirements across the spectrum of of possible collapse of SHTF scenarios. Personal protection being the main requirement. Ask yourself this question: Is the three person survival team better off with only one gun - that being one of the members equipped with an M-4 or AR platform?.......or would they be better off with each of the survival team members being armed with the three firearms I choose? Really doesn't matter what I think or say. The solution is what works best for you. Good preps my friend.


  1. Outstanding reply. Outstanding.
    I also would go with the three gun approach; a handgun is almost a necessity, along with a good knife, for serious, life or death, close or surprise encounters, where there is no room or time to bring a long gun into play, Granted, one could, if pressed, make the case for cutting the barrel and stock down on the 12 gauge but that would ruin it for shots beyond eight or ten yards. But the handgun for close up use, a rifle for dual duty defense and hunting, and a shotgun for urban renewal. And the more $$ that can be spent on practice ammo, the better. If a man knows his rifle like a part of himself, then he can accomplish almost anything with it.
    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

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