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Monday, July 18, 2011

SHTF Plan: Surviving with Ramen and a Gun

Received this question from Anonymous: ”Hey UrbanMan, I have stockpiled twelve cases of ramen, several bags of jerky, about 30 lbs of rice and a smaller amount of pinto beans and I have my ruger mini-14 which has never failed me. I have enough camping gear in case I have to rough it or move. I don’t have a gas mask yet. What else do you think I need to have?”

UrbanMan’s comments: That’s a hard question to answer. First of all you have to have an idea of the threats; then develop a plan to reduce those risks; then procure equipment and supplies to enable the plan. Ramen, rice, beef jerky and beans are all a good start to having one material aspect of a Surviving Armageddon plan,....meaning food,....but shelter, protection and water are all very necessary also.

Survival is a team sport, ...are you part of a larger element?.....maybe your family, friends, relatives and/or neighbors? If everyone prepared alike? Is your home going to a magnet for the unprepared following the beginning of a collapse? What about medical supplies and medications?,....have enough of that?

Do you have any precious metals in a form to barter to buy with such as Silver rounds or Gold coins?

Is the Mini-14 your only survival weapon? What about other firearms for the rest of your family or Survival Team to use. Protection and security is a 24/7 endeavor and this takes many people to do this and patrol and protect the group and the survival location.

If you are buying survival food commercially,...whatever you can afford, when you can afford it,..consider canned soup, dried meals such as mac and cheese, rice dishes,.....consider jars of nuts. I recently bought sixteen large jars of nuts at a wholesale nut factory for $80. I am basing my economic collapse survival food on much more than pantry items, although they are very necessary but primary as a ready food supply. I am stocking dehydrated commercial foods, Main Stay Survival bars, and some large bulk rice, beans, pasta, etc.

However, the big points I want to make with you is that you have to have a team and the team needs to focused on a common goals. You should have a plan and work towards the material procurement and operational readiness of that plan. That plan should include a Bug Out sequel. No matter how secure you feel in your main Bug In survival location,...have a Bug Out plan and it would be best to Bug Out to a secure, prepared site. Hope this makes sense and hope it helps. Urban Man.


  1. how much ammo do you have? how much does it weigh? how do you plan to move that and your food should you have to move quickly?

    how good of a shot are you? optics? how about if two people were shooting back at you - how do you think you'll do?

    water? water purification or filter? you need something to cook those ramen in, as well as keep hydrated with.

    still, all in all, with your rudimentary supplies - you are probably better prepared then 80-90% of our country.

  2. I can pretty much guarantee you that you will never need a gas mask AND if you ever need it you won't have it with you AND without expensive equipment and a trained person to monitor it the first indication that you need a gas mask is when you become ill/affected which will for most gases be too late. Sell your gas mask and use the money for more food.

  3. It sounds to me like this guy has enough food on hand to last four to eight weeks, so when he asks, "Do I have enough?" well, the answer is, "You have enough to last four to six weeks - provided you're only feeding yourself and are not sharing your food with others." If a crisis lasts more than four to six weeks, or if he has family, neighbors, or friends that he wants to help, then he's going to be dismayed when he finds out (too late) that 12 cases of ramen and 30 lbs of rice are not going to be nearly enough. My spouse often asks me, "Don't you have enough on hand yet? When are you going to stop prepping?" The truthful answer is that I never feel like I have "enough", no matter how much I stockpile, because I have no idea how long the situation will last, or how many people I will be feeding. The more food I have on hand, the longer I can hold out, the more people I can help, and the better I'll be set up for barter. There is only one correct answer to the question "When are you going to stop prepping" which is, "On the day the SHTF." THAT is when I will stop preparing for the SHTF. It's a constant and on-going project with me. I consider it a tithe, and every time I enter a store, I walk out with something to set aside for SHTF, whether it's food, ammo, tools, tin foil, toilet paper, radio batteries, shampoo, or anything else that would come in handy if the gravy train ever shuts down for good. So when this guy asks, "Have I done enough prepping?" the only true answer is, "You've done enough prepping if you ever run into a situation where 12 cases of ramen and 30 pounds of rice is all that you will need to survive." Do you feel lucky?

  4. Live for today. Prepare for tomorrow.

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