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Monday, June 20, 2011

Urban Survival Planning - Urban Dangers

Recently the website was brought to my attention. Urban Danger is releasing a film entitled "Urban Danger" which they bill as a product far from a “survivalist” film, but one that takes a common-sense look at our roots, finding practical solutions to problems we face today. In the film you will meet many people from all walks of life who show you the common-sense preparations they are making for difficult times ahead. And in the process, they have found a superior quality of life. They have found what “real living” is all about.

As I have written before, it isn't about "Survival", it's about "Surviving with as much quality of life or with the least amount of disruption possible." To be sure, we really cannot predict the amount of changes that will occur, only time will tell.

You can go to the website and order the DVD or watch it on-line. advertises the following concerning the movie:

The Dangers

On this DVD you will find information about the dangers we are facing. We must understand the problem before we can work on a solution. The problems range from massive chemical exposure to nutritionally empty food. From crime and violence to utter dependence on large corporations for necessities of life. From impure air and water to debilitating levels of stress. And from threatened terrorist attacks to an almost total loss of connection with our Maker. And the list goes on...

While almost all of these dangers are much more acute in urban and suburban areas, some may affect even those living in country areas if they have not taken the proper precautions. So before we cover the solutions, let's gain a better understanding of the problems.

While Urban Danger does look at some of the problems and hazards facing city dwellers, its main thrust is finding solutions to the problem. If you are unsure or at all skeptical about the dangers of urban areas, you should check out another great DVD that has been recently released:

America's Cities: The Coming Crisis - Expert witness from extremely credible people is found on this powerful movie regarding the precarious and perilous position our cities are in. It is a must see.

The Solutions

Solutions--that is what this website is all about. Can we do anything or do we simply give up and try to not think about the dangers? Friends, there IS something you can do! Some of the solutions are surprisingly simple, some may take a little more effort. But all will be well worth it! Remember, this is not only about trying to survive from the many perils, this is about quality of life. This is about getting back to basics. About actually having a family once again. About providing the best possible environment for you and your children to develop in. About being able to help others in times of need rather than being the one helped. About giving rather than receiving!

The dangers are certainly an impetus for us to act and act now! But even without all of these dangers, making the move to change your lifestyle yields such a multitude of blessings that it would still be well worth it. If you haven't gathered it by now, the solution is about much more than simply relocating down the road. It is a change of pace. Removing stress from one's life. Re-assessing your priorities in life. Placing God first in your life and your family next, with everything else taking its rightful place behind. Taking responsibility for your family's necessities of life. Not being imprudent enough to depend on the systems of the world to provide those necessities. And sharing the blessings you have found with as many as you can. This is the solution.

Below you will find a number of main categories which contain practical information on how you can take action and provide a proactive solution for your family before it is too late.

The below video gives the read some insight into the products.


  1. I loved the video. Bartlett is very unusual in that he is a politician with common sense. He has other videos I have seen in the past that are worth watching.

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