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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hyper-Inflation - Pushing us into a Survival Scenario

Hyper-Inflation is perhaps the most likely cause of a collapse and subsequent push into Urban Survival, or a Survival Situation in any environment. The Urban Survival Scenario will just be a BITCH, so get ready and get ready now.

We found an excellent link to political and economic issues on the following site:

Rather than re-create the post and videos (by Glenn Beck), we are hyper-linking the article site here at:

And we encourage readers of Urban Survival to book mark the Cowboys & Tea Parties site to keep abreast of political and economic events that will eventually push us into a collapse. We hope to God we're wrong, but in all common sense, or as Cowboys & Tea Parties out it,...Cowboy Logic and Horse Sense, just says otherwise.

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