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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Urban Survival Firearms - Reader Question on Weapon Standardization received the following question from a reader: "Anonymous has left a new comment, on your post "Urban Survival Firearms - Is this Survival Firearm, .......What about standardization of weapons for ammunition. It would be easier to stockpile ammo that way and be inter changeable?"

UrbanMan replies: Good question and here is what I think.

It would be preferred to have a Urban or other Survival Group likely equipped with the same firearms. This would support commonality of parts and stockage of repair parts; magazine exchange capability (assuming you standardize on a magazine fed weapon); commonality of training; and, commonality of ammunition.

It is hard to put together a Survival Group where the members will agree and abide by a majority group decision. I think at best, for most Survival Groups (especially in an Urban environment), a loose knit group with all members at various stages of preparation and a plan to rally on someone's Urban location would be the norm. Obviously, from this Urban location, there should be a plan and routes to a Safe Location outside of the urban environment to support contingencies where the Urban Location is not tenable.

It would be likely that members of your group, if they are serious about Prepping for Survival After the Collapse, or if you prefer, TEOTWAWKI, would own an M-16 or M-4 type weapon. That would solve a lot of your problems with standardization. If you cajole or pressure members of your group to procure the same weapon, you may build resentment. You may alleviate this problem by having a Group Charter or rules that mandate the procurement of a minimum Survival Gear and Equipment list to include firearms, magazines and ammunition. I think this is the preferred method. You may be able to bleed off those aspiring Urban Survival Group members who are not really serious, but DO expect them to come knocking when the SHTF.

I have a core group of Urban Survivalist planners who are equipped with the M-4 carbine as the base weapon...most of us have two or more M-4 or AR-15/M-16 version rifles. Many in the group also have M-1A1 or various versions of the excellent civilian M-14 rifle. We all have 12 gauge pump shotguns and all have several handguns in 9x19 and .40 S&W; many of us have handguns in .357 magnum and .45 ACP as well. This was not planned, we all had these firearms before we started getting together sharing knowledge, prep ideas and plans.

If the SHTF, I expect many, but not all of these Urban Survivors to end up at my location which is the easiest Urban Location to defend and withdrawal from. We have actually did planning exercises or Threat Vulnerability Assessments of each others Urban locations in order to build defense plans. But Urban Survival is a team sport and everyone in my group recognizes the need to team up to survive.

Another consideration would be having "junk" guns and odd ammunition for barter. We all have .22 LR rifles and handguns and PLENTY of .22 LR ammunition - this is good for hunting and training as well as barter. As is some of the odd ammunition we all stock individually such as .30-06, .30-40, .45-70, .243, 7mm Magnum and 7x57mm Mauser among many others.

I tell people don't give away the odd box of .45 LC, 9x18mm Marakov or whatever. Keep it for barter and in case you come across, battlefield recovery or whatever, a gun that fires that caliber.

I hope I gave you some things to thing about if not answered your question. Be safe, keep preparing- this planning and preparation phase if the most important phase.