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Monday, July 12, 2010

Urban Survival Firearms – Spare Guns for Barter received the following comment from Chuco Passtime regarding my article on Urban Survival Firearms Battery,…… ”I would not call the specialty type guns "junk" guns to barter; rather, label them as antiques or collectibles. You would have a better chance to barter or sell at a higher price. You will be surprised how much a word can co$t you!”

UrbanMan replies: Chuco thanks for the prompt to clarify what I meant. You are right,..words do have meaning. Maybe I should have said “spare firearms”. I never call my collection of older firearms as junk – don’t know why I wrote it. These older guns consist of such gems as .30-40 Krags, .45-70 lever and single shots, Marlin .22 magazine fed bolt actions, .22 LR revolvers, 12 gauge double barrels, .45 LC single action revolver, etc.

These guns are not my primary defensive weapons that would be relied upon during the collapse, but are instead available for barter after a collapse when there will be many people looking to possess firearms for defense, hunting or whatever. My primary Urban Survival defensive armory is centered around my M-4 carbines, Glock handguns, and, Remington and Mossberg 12 gauge shotguns.

I know there are more than a couple opinions out there about trading or bartering firearms since they may end up being used against you. I know if I was on the move with my family and weaponless, one of my first priorities, if not my absolute first, would be to procure a firearm. Even a .22 LR bolt action single shot rifle would be a step up. Besides, if I was going to barter away firearms, I would ensure that the person intending upon receiving the gun would be someone that I would not anticipate coming back to use it against me. And I would control the amount of ammunition with the barter of that gun.

You would think that about all Americans own guns,..but that just ain’t just true. There are tens of millions of gun owners,..alot of these guns are older firearms that you would not consider first line defensive firearms suitable for protecting your family against gangs or mobs. And I would think that the majority of these gun owners may, maybe, one box of cartridges for these guns. That’s why I suggest holding onto your collection of ammunition in odd calibers. Just the other day I found three boxes of 5.7x28mm ammunition. I traded two boxes for three M-14 magazines and am keeping the other box just for barter or in case I end up with a 5.7 handgun or P90 carbine.