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Showing posts with label Survival Gear - Load Bearing Vest and Firearms. Show all posts

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Survival Gear - My Basic Kit: Load Bearing Vests and Firerarms

When asked about my personal kit, I very seldom get into detail, because it'll take awhile to explain what I have and why. I have two basic Load Bearing Vest packages including rucks with water bladders.

My first kit shown is actually my alternate kit and what I call my lightweight load bearing vest.  It is designed around a Blackhawk Chest and back plate carrier, in sand or tan color. I have four pistol magazines pouches on the chest and two first aid packet pouches; two dump pouches (one on each side) round out this vest. The rifle picture is a Rock River M-4 clone, with a Surefire light on a Surefire M73 rail, a Luepold CQT scope and GG&G back up iron sights.  I am using a Spec Opns Mamba sling - just haven't replaced them with the two new V-Tac slings I have on my desk. 

My heavier kit is comprised of a London Bridge Tradining Company load bearing vest. It will carry six 30 round P-Magazines. I have three pistol magazine pouches on the chest (for Glock magazines); one utility pouch on one side (holding mini-binos, small survival tin and several nutrition bars) and a full up First Aid Kit on the other. On the outside of the first aid kit, I carry an additional first aid pouch for a battle dressing, several band-aids and alcohol preps to use on other people.  I have a radio pouch and when not in use it can hold two more 30 round magazines.  I also have a smaller pouch for a Surefire A2 Aviator light.

The weapon shown below is my primary gun and is another Rock River M-4 clone with a very old Bushnell red dot scope that preceeded the EO Tech.  I have been using it for many years and am comfortable with it.  This gun has a pistol grip, another Surefire light and a UTG folding Bi-Pod. This gun also has a Spec Opns Mamba Sling, which is a great sling the way I modify it, but will soon be replaced with Kyle Lamb's V-TAC sling once I get un-lazy.

Both Load Bearing Rigs have Camel-Bak bladders on the back.  I have several other lighter rigs such as Blackhawk Chest Carriers (like the old Chicom AK magazine bandolier type) one set up for an M-14, one for an M-1 carbine and one set up for a 12 gauge pump riot gun.