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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Latest Pistol Caliber Carbine - Suitable for the Collapse?

Probably the highest density of e-mails I receive are questions regarding survival guns. Readers ask me what weapons or arsenal of weapons I would consider suitable to survive a total collapse. The bottom line is: Have a gun, in fact have several; have sufficient ammunition for each gun; be competent with each gun you own and train your family members to use them as well.

Having said that there are some guns that are more suitable than others for particular or general situations. Here are some instances or things to consider:

If you have a bug out location,such as a house of cabin with hundreds of yards of cleared fields of fire or observation, why would someone limit their survival firearms to handguns, pistol caliber carbines and Shotguns? You would run the risk of being out ranged.

If you are an urban dweller and plan to bug in the urban environment or to transit large urban areas during your bug out, why would you limit yourself to long barreled shotguns or rifles?

Consider your environment. Consider your ranges. Consider your potential threats and density of threats.

While the M1911 .45 caliber semi -automatic is a great gun, with a single stack magazine, it may not be the best choice of a high density threat environment. I, for one, would prefer a large capacity 9mm for a handgun. Same as for a rifle. A .308 caliber M1A1 rifle is a great weapon, but perhaps an M-4 carbine could be better suited for the urban environment.

So that bring me to the latest question I received, and that was what do I think about the latest pistol caliber carbine to hit the market, the MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG 9mm. The question was if I thought a decent survival arsenal would be the MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG 9mm carbine to go with a Glock 17 handgun.


Here is the data on the MasterPiece Arms MPA30DMG 9mm:

Price: MSRP - $966.00

Company Narrative: The grip is our most ergonomically designed grip system incorporating a “Solidworks” designed profile allowing the use of standard Glock style magazines, with a low profile magazine release and “Decal Grip” grip panels. The lower is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, provides cleaner lines and lighter weight than our standard steel receivers. The Hand guard is produced from an Aluminum Extrusion, has no fasteners, and is free floating.


Cal: 9mm
Barrel Length: 16.2
Thread: 1/2-28
Side Cocker
Side Folder Stock
Scope Mount
Barrel Extension
Adjustable Front and Rear Sights
Accepts Standard Glock Style High Capacity Magazines (1 Mag Included)
Coating: Cerakote (Burnt Bronze is standard color – other colors available including Black, Tungsten, Sniper Green, Gunmetal and FDE.
Decal Grip Grip Panels
Hammer with Disconnect plus original Hammer
MPA Polymer Case

While I have carbines - M4 and M1's, I do not own a pistol caliber carbine. My reasoning is why have a large platform that only shoots pistol calibers? Although it may be useful for some of your survival teams members, e.g.. ladies, old people and children. But if you have to own one, then own one that has magazines that are inter-changeable with your handguns.

Urban Man

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Survival Chronicles of Jim – Chapter 1

My name is Jim and I must admit that prior to meeting these guys who call themselves the “Survival Cadre”, I would have defined survival as making it through Christmas dinner at my ex-wife’s, and would have defined preparation as having two days worth of snacks at the house during football weekends.

I’m a computer programmer by trade and my work brought me in contact with two of the survival cadre who work for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency. I would often find myself in the fringes of conversations about guns, repelling home invasions and preparing for some sort of infrastructure failure. Got me thinking, they did.

Living in a fairly secluded cul-de-sac near the center of a large metropolitan area I soon took their advice and bought a gun. $350 dollars later I was the proud owner of my first gun, a twenty two caliber Semi-Automatic Handgun with a couple of spare magazines. A concealed carry class soon followed with practice draws and magazine changes at my house in the evenings. I live alone, not counting my rather large dog, which I am told is another step towards personal protection – a living alarm system.

I intend to write posts for this site, in a semi organized Chapter format, as I become mentored and coached towards a better prepared lifestyle with a much higher survival quotient. I think about my next steps as the “Survival Cadre” coach me in my options and possible survival situations. I’m not necessarily buying into the total Armageddon concept, but I do see their point as storms and floods degrade the South California infrastructure and make many residents dependant upon themselves, as well as the recent earthquake in Haiti depicting looting and anarchy in that country.

I have been asked to imagine large banking failures and high inflation creating another Great Depression and to determine what preparations, survival equipment and skills I may find not only handy but vital in a situation where a large section of the population is unemployed and hungry; gas supply short and lines long, and, food expensive and getting short of supply.

Follow me as I learn survival skills, procure survival gear and make plans for my survival.