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Friday, July 16, 2010

Urban Survival - Additional Items for Survival Bug Out Bags received a new comment on the post, "How would you spend $1000 Contest Winner":.: “Xcalbr8 says….. Congrats- excellent list. This gives me more ideas for my needs.” (Xcalbr8 was congratulating ScottSeigel on wining the Maxpedition Gear Bag and M-16/M-4 accessory tool in the ‘how you would spend $1000 contest’).

UrbanMan Comments: Xcalbr8 – thanks for your comment. I think the proper mindset is not to have an ego about Survival, Urban Survival, Prepping,…the whole nine yards. None of us, excepting some guy named Rawles up in Idaho , have all the answers. Just this week I received some comments and tips which led to me placing or planning to equip my Bug Out Bags with small glass magnifying glasses ( to read maps and small print and also as a fire starting tool), and small V cutters (like seat belt cutters).

There has been a lot of “modern day” Survival Gear and Equipment hitting the market these last few years. Survival Preppers are benefiting from some of the lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan . I think the main reason we all visit Survival blogs and forums is to learn and apply that knowledge to our own situation and preparation. Water hydration systems, such as Camel-baks and other water bladders, are now common and highly touted. I utilize water bladders in my Urban Survival Bug Out bags as well. One day another Survival oriented gent told me I should probably look at placing some old time one quart canteens and canteen cup in my Survival Bug Out Bags – great idea since I did not previously have a metal cooking cup.

Another great idea for the Bug Out Bag are the pre-measured coffee in filter sacks, so coffee can be made just like tea bags. I took a bunch of smaller coffee filter bags and vacuum packed a dozen then put into my Bug Out Kit. My wife’s Bug Out bag as a vacuum packed tea bags.

I was also "tipped" to add folding water-ewash basins, which I also promptly ordered and placed in my Urban Survival Bug Out Bags. Useful for watering dogs or other animals and using for a "whore's" bath - no disrepect to hooker's intended!


  1. What do you think about building Bug Out bags around the Maxpedition SITKA gearslinger or KODIAK gearslinger bags? I like the water bladder and concealed weapon feature. John in Kansas.

  2. what kind of wash basin is that?