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Sunday, January 31, 2010

USA FEMA Concentration Camps Controversy - Part II

This conspiracy theory of the US Government planning on "detaining" US Citizens has been around along time. I am not really sure of what I think about it. It could simply be FEMA Camps being pre-planned to respond to National Emergencies in the wake of Katrina. I have actually been standing on two locations where these FEMA "Concentration" Camps are reported to be. At one location, there was nothing but open desert. At the other location was a small detention camp that was built to train military units as detention officers for deployment to Iraq where they would be used to run camps that housed Islamic insurgents caught in that theatre.

But I do believe in always remaining vigilant against Government intrusion - there sure have been enough of them and they have been accelerating recently. And I believe in letting people make up their own minds.

USA-FEMA Camps, Part II from Tru TV's show Conspiracy Theory hosted by former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, as posted on

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